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INPR 2011
Written by Kurt Begue

2011 was a year of discovery and maturity for the In Nomine Paranormal Research Team.

Discovery: in the strength of our team and our team-mates. Over the past year, INPR has dealt with an amazing amount of tragedy. Personal and family illnesses really plagued the team this year. Many losses of family and friends occurred and this really strained our ability to want to be productive. Several of the team-members were literally pushed to the brink, and sometimes beyond the breaking point. But it was at this time, that INPR shined the brightest. We picked up those team-members in need, we supported them through their time of loss, and in the end, INPR emerged stronger and more united than ever before. We learned that we could trust our team-mates, and that regardless of the situation, they will always have our backs, always!

We discovered this year, more than ever, that we had made progress towards our goal of providing “proof-positive” evidence of paranormal existence. Much of the evidence that we captured is better than any evidence that we have seen published this far. Putting this evidence through our Proof-101 standard has been very time consuming and tedious, but in the end, this is the hard-work that it takes to bring truly believable scientific evidence to prove our theories.

In 2011, INPR conducted six (6) different investigations for clients. In each, the team very professional and successfully determined the probable cause of activity. In two of the cases, specific paranormal activity was documented, in the others, real-world explanations were determined for the occurrences that had been report by the clients.

One of our greatest experiences of the year was during a team training session at the Masonic Temple. To make a very long story short, we had one of our newer team-members make a critical, yet very fascinating mistake. During a standard EVP session, which was captured on several voice recorders and camcorders, she asked an entity that we were communicating with, “it’s OK, you can come sit with me”. Well as most seasoned paranormal investigators know, this is trouble. Remember, a living intelligent consciousness is not bound by the same physical limitations that we are used to in our space-time. In saying the word “with”, she knowingly gave permission for this entity to enter her body and basically take her over for a period of about 5 minutes. During the time of her duplicity, the INPR team was, for lack of a better term, resisted from helping her (each team member in their own way). But regardless, we all fought back, got the situation back under control, and everyone emerged safely. This did however show our new team-members that what we are dealing with is an absolutely true phenomenon, and that if improperly prepared, it is very easy to accidently invite an attachment or worse.

During the year, INPR participated in several worth-while events. In February, we travelled to the ParaFest in New Castle, IN and had a booth and did a presentation. This is where INPR debuted the Proof-101 video of our Whisper’s Estate capture. This is one of the best proof-positive evidence captures that INPR has collected.

Next our attention shifted from paranormal research, to helping a local woman in need. Through a friend of INPR, we learned of the situation of Erin LeShore. In December 2010 Erin LeShore’s battle with breast cancer began. She has since had a double mastectomy and has started chemotherapy. Erin worked as a nurse at Heritage Park Nursing Facility up until her surgery on December 22, 2010. With Erin being the sole provider for herself and her four children, her family and friends decided to plan a small fundraiser to help her with living expenses and medical bills.

As the word got out, more people answered the call and the small event became bigger. We were able to get the Freemasons to donate the use of the gorgeous Masonic Temple Ballroom at no charge to use for the event. A group of Erin’s friends and family spent countless hours contacting local businesses for donations to use for the auction and planning the event. Together we were able to pull off a huge fundraiser in just 5 weeks!

The event was a tremendous success, in every aspect. We provided a fun and enjoyable night of entertainment for each guest. Guests were treated to an incredible buffet of food that everyone enjoyed. The ballroom of the Temple was filled with over 300 people and the upstairs mezzanine was packed with kids enjoying over a dozen different children’s game to keep them entertained. The auction was a huge success and we kindly thank those businesses for donating such great items, and for the attendees who graciously opened their pocketbooks and maxed out their credit cards. At the end tally, the event raised over $10,000.00 to help with living expenses and medical bills.

And then we changed gears completely! In April, In Nomine Paranormal Research (INPR) partnered with Rob Stone and the Three Rivers Gaming Convention (3CON) for the opportunity to bring the excitement of a real live Ghost Hunt to a different type of audience, GAMERS!

For the past four years, INPR has been doing research on the Fort Wayne Masonic Temple. We have documented several anomalies that seem to be reoccurring within the building. From the mystic Knight Templar who stands guard over the ancient Fort Wayne Commandery banner, to the energy portal that exists on 4th floor, and of course the repetitive sightings and reports of shadow people who roam the building. 

During this investigation, we challenged the 3CON experts of gaming theory to bring their keen insight towards out-thinking an opponent and capturing evidence of the paranormal. During the investigation, the attendees oversaw and guided the setup of equipment, locations of cameras and the distribution of research equipment.

So what did we capture? Several video and picture anomalies, which the experts have been unable to debunk. And oh, just the coolest personal experience ever! During the Friday night hunt, while up on 4th floor in one of the lodge rooms, the group that consisted of INPR members and 3Con attendees were just settling in for a standard EVP session, when we all heard the dis-embodied scream of a female. With a quick check from the door-man downstairs, he reported that no one else was in the building, and that he had not heard this scream. Everyone in the room heard it and it was un-mistakable.

The next evening, we set about debunking this anomaly. We trained our female scream expert on the exact tone and style in which the scream was delivered, which was very distinctive. Here is a description of the scream… “It was a females voice. She seemed like she was farther away than inside the room. It was the type of scream when a person see’s that something really bad is going to happen (like being approached by a person with a knife) and then it changed into knowing that the bad thing is going to happen, it is inevitable, and then finally the horror of realizing that the horrid dead has been done, and you are now going to die.” And that is the way this scream sounded.

So after the training, we sent our scream actress to various areas of the building to try to re-create the situation. It was found that in only two very specific locations were we able to re-create the scream that sounded simultaneously loud enough, yet sounding far enough away, and not being able to be heard by the door-man sitting at the front desk. Now as a side note, please understand that because of the two elevator shafts and the stair case that all connects to the lobby and the front desk, most of the possible locations for the scream to have been emitted, are heard loudly and clearly in the lobby.

When it was all said and done, the INPR team came up with our final conclusion, the dis-embodied scream was paranormal, and the most likely location of the source was… yep you guessed it, the portal that exists on 4th floor. We hate to keep beating the same old drum, but this portal keeps paying off in numerous experiences of all different magnitudes.

In August, INPR travelled to the historic haunted Hannah House in Indianapolis to attend the 5th Annual Paranormal Meet and Great. The team had a great time and met a lot of really great people. This spring-boarded us and got us ready for the epic adventure that was Paranormacon 2011!

On November 5, 2011, INPR embarked upon what may be the final installment of Paranormacon. For three years running, In Nomine Paranormal Research has had the distinct opportunity and pleasure to bring to you, Paranormacon, the Midwest regions finest paranormal conference.

This last year we decided to shake some things up, and the Friday Night Adult-Only Costume Party was a blast. All of our Paranormal Teams, Vendors and Guests had the opportunity to come to the historic Fort Wayne Masonic Temple and enjoy a night of fun and entertainment. The evening was capped off by a special command performance by Fort Wayne’s own Scarlet Fever.

Saturday truly proved why we at In Nomine love to put on the Paranormacon conference. The success of this year’s conference was NOT directly attributed to all the hard work that the team members of In Nomine put forth, and NOT the brilliant planning and scheduling that went into the conference. It was simply successful because of the Teams, Vendors and Attendees. These people made Paranormacon 2011 happen.

Special thanks must go out to following people:

Rick Carroll who headed up our Security Detail for the conference.

Kristy Robbinett ( for those of you who have not had the pleasure to meet Kristy, she is the real deal. And by saying this, we are not just referring to her World-Class abilities as a psychic medium. She is the real deal because she genuinely cares about people and the overall quality of their life.

Brian Harshman from IROP ( Brian has been a huge supporter and friend to the Paranormacon Conference for all three years of its existence. Each year he amazes us with his Art pieces and his knowledge of psychology and it relation to the paranormal field.

TRAMPS paranormal team ( Led by Andrea Schroeder and Nicole Procise, we thank them for everything that they contributed to this year’s conference, especially stepping up with no notice what-so-ever to fill open presentation slots from speakers who could not attend.

Van Renier from Whisper’s Estate ( INPR and Van have had a great partnership. INPR loves Whisper’s Estate!

Sharon Topp from Fort Wayne Indiana Ghost Trackers ( What a great Saturday night Hunt we had! And more to come!

John E.L. Tenney ( Very rarely do we at In Nomine get impressed with a person’s knowledge and experience with the paranormal and especially with scientific paranormal research. We were impressed. This man has stories and theories that simply blew everyone away at the conference. It was a true pleasure to have him in attendance.

Christopher Lien ( Truly loved having Christopher at the conference this year. His presentation on Paranormal TV definitely helped us all set the record straight between reality and ratings!

To all of the attendees of Paranormacon 2011, thank you for all your support.

This year, In Nomine Paranormal Research, on behalf of all the attendees and sponsors is pleased to announce that a $1,000.00 donation will be made to the Fort Wayne Masonic Temple Preservation Fund. This added to the previous year’s donations total: $4,800.00 donated!

This year INPR added several outstanding paranormal researchers: Art Percy, Regina DeWitt, Pamela Andreson and Kimber Mills. They have made immediate contributions in all areas of our research and are truly excellent people to work with. And shortly into the 2012 year we added Kelly Payne. All are very welcome additions to our team.

In December INPR selected our 2011 Ghost Hunter of the Year. This year a woman has magnanimously distinguished herself to be the most deserving of the coveted title. Her hard work and tireless devotion to the team, as well as the case management portion of INPR has been absolutely flawless. And to nominate and award her this honor based solely on her performance for the team would be easy, but this is truly not why she received it.

Over the past year this individual has had the epic battle of a hundred lifetimes. She has had to endure so much sickness and distress, loss of loved ones and friends. However, through it all, she kept her head up and continued to move forward, which is the true sign of a fighter. Though many times, the battles were too difficult for her to manage alone: her faith in God, as well as her family and INPR friends were there to assist. And we now all know the strength and courage of this woman. Who through it all, maintained her commitments as a: wife, mother, business owner and full-time paranormal wonder-woman.

This year, INPR is exceptionally proud to announce the recipient of this year’s Ghost Hunter of the Year 2011, Tyra Cheek!

Wow, it is truly amazing to look back at 2011 and see how much progress was made for the betterment of people around us. We advanced our theories and understanding of paranormal research to an unprecedented level. We helped the families that called us in their hour of need, for explanations to questions that they could not understand. And we again, absolutely personified the integrity and professionalism that the paranormal community has come to love and respect. It is hard to imagine how 2012 is going to shape up, but regardless, I can guarantee you all, it is going to be one hell of a ride!




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