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 Ghost Hunter of the Year


It is our honor to announce this year's recipient of INPR's Ghost Hunter of the Year Award.
First, they have proven to be an amazing addition to our team! After joining the team in 2012, they jumped right into the team training processes, and were always eager to join in with our ongoing investigations. They were always ready to help out the team with everything from equipment set-up to evidence review, and their enthusiastic experience and talent is a wonderful asset to our team as a whole!
We are very lucky to have this person on our team!
This person works hard for INPR. They have put in a great deal of effort and time; and for all of these things, we believe that this person is more than deserving of this award.

Congratulations to Kelly Payne, from all of your team-mates at INPR!


2011 - Tyra Cheek

In December INPR selected our 2011 Ghost Hunter of the Year. This year a woman has magnanimously distinguished herself to be the most deserving of the coveted title. Her hard work and tireless devotion to the team, as well as the case management portion of INPR has been absolutely flawless. And to nominate and award her this honor based solely on her performance for the team would be easy, but this is truly not why she received it.

Over the past year this individual has had the epic battle of a hundred lifetimes. She has had to endure so much sickness and distress, loss of loved ones and friends. However, through it all, she kept her head up and continued to move forward, which is the true sign of a fighter. Though many times, the battles were too difficult for her to manage alone: her faith in God, as well as her family and INPR friends were there to assist. And we now all know the strength and courage of this woman. Who through it all, maintained her commitments as a: wife, mother, business owner and full-time paranormal wonder-woman.

This year, INPR is exceptionally proud to announce the recipient of this year’s Ghost Hunter of the Year 2011, Tyra Cheek!

2010 - Weldon Glenn

In Nomine Paranormal Research has selected the recipient of the 2010 Ghost Hunter of the Year award.

This man has distinguished himself among the paranormal experts. He studies using the I-Ovilis have pushed forward the science of using that device as well as Ghost Hunting in general. His unwavering attention to details make him the perfect team mate.

With as many accolades as we can possibly shower upon him, this years Ghost Hunter of the Year 2010 goes to: Weldon Glenn!

Congratulations Weldon!

2009 - Kim Daugherty

This year, In Nomine Paranormal Reseach selected the Spiritual and Pagan Student Alliance lecture to be the venue to award our Ghost Hunter of the Year!

For 2009 we have selected to bestow this prestigious honor on Kim Daugherty.

She has done massive amounts of good for the team, not only directly contributing, but being the backbone and core. When things fall apart, she is always there to make sure things get put back together correct.

Because of her selfless service and contributions, we the members of In Nomine Paranormal Research are proud to bestow upon her, the rank and title of Master Ghost Chaser.

Thank you Kim, the future is looking even brighter!

2008 - Rob Stone

In Nomine Paranormal Research has selected for the year 2008 to award this prestigious honor of Ghost Hunter of the Year! upon Rob Stone. Over the past year, Rob has been instrumental to the team in a variety of different functions.

His initial role of equipment specialist and advisor, was suplimented by his excellent investigation skills and his scientific application of research techniques. From there, he has also carried a main role in the development of ParanormaconTM, one of the premier events and projects worked on by In Nomine Paranormal Research.

With many thanks and grand emotions, we the members of In Nomine Paranormal Research are proud to bestow upon this candidate
the rank and title of Master Ghost Chaser.

Thank you Rob Stone, we look forward to a exciting and proof filled 2009!


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