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At INPR, we are always looking for individuals who are interested in becoming part of our team. It usually depends on timing and qualifications. Below is a short list of what we look for in an individual applying for a membership to INPR.

Must have a deep interest in the paranormal for whatever reasons we don't care.

Must be a highly motivated individual and must be able to work in a team environment.

Must be willing to learn new techniques and ALL individuals must be able to contribute on there own without having to be told what to do all the time. We welcome fresh ideas and like a bit of a challenge from time to time.

Must be available at least two Fridays out of each month. The more you contribute and the more drive you show to learn will determine how much investigating and field work you will do. Anybody can be an investigator, but it is how you contribute and what ideas you incorporate that push the envelope and make anything possible.

Must have or be willing to purchase a Digital Camera, Voice recorder, and a unique piece of equipment to contribute to our studies. These unique piece's of equipment might include but are not limited to, a Tri Field Meter, Ghost boxes or Frank's Boxes, The Ovulus, Ion Generators or Detectors, Ghost meters, EMF Meters, motion sensors, digital night vision equipped tools and accessories.

Must be willing to work with ALL walks of life. This means not passing judgment or making assumptions about other group members or possible clients.

In Nomine Paranormal Research does not discourage religious beliefs or other beliefs that may be personal in nature. You are who you are and you believe what you believe. We only ask that you be interested in attempting to achieve the same as the rest of us and that is mentioned in the above "Mission and Vision" Statement.

If you are interested, contact us at:


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