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Where the Money is Going

Paranormacon is a Masonic Temple fundraiser sponsored by In Nomine Paranormal Research. Many of the members of In Nomine have direct ties to the Masonic Fraternity and its appendant bodies. In Nomine works to keep all costs low in order to maximize potential donations to the following charitable organizations.

Here is a Recap of the funds that were donated philanthropically over the past 2 years:

1. $200.00 donated to the Animal Protection Shelter in the name of Chip Coffey.

2. $200.00 donated to the Fort Wayne DeMolay boys

3. $500.00 donated to the Job's Daughters Bethel #8

4. $3,000.00 donated to the Fort Wayne Masonic Temple Preservation Fund

Total Donated: $3,900.00

This year's donation plan is as follows:
(subject to attendance and team participation)

After expenses all proceeds will go towards the Fort Wayne Masonic Temple Preservation Fund.