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Tech Engineer

My First Experience With The paranormal was when I was 8 Years old, I woke up, to see my Favorite Uncle (Who had passed 2 years before) standing by the side of my bed, smiling at me.. I was not scared by this, I just wanted to know more.. Flash forward about 11 Years later, and I'm working the overnight shift at a radio station, I'm on the air, doing my thing, and see an older gentlemen, looking at me from my right side out in the hallway.. I turn my head, to get a better look at him, and he is just standing looking at me, smiling....

My goal in this field, is to learn more, and find answers to questions that I have after the death of my father.. I come from a very Technical background, so I use all the gadgets and such, to find answers, I'm doing a lot of experiments with the iOvilus.. Have had some good results on investigations so far, I hope to compile all of my research into a paper on the use of iOvilus at some point.

I was recently invited to become part of the IN NOMINE PARANORMAL RESEARCH team after my guest participation at several of the Masonic Temple Hunts. I was very honored by this invitation, and hope to help learn more about the field, and provide all the Technical help the team needs.. and find the answers that I'm looking for in the process...

My Pics


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