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Kimber Mills
INPR Member

As a child I was different than most children. I would see black shadows. I would sense feelings of danger, sadness, someone watching me, and calmness. I would get chills sometimes on one side of my body and sometimes all over my body. My sister and I thought it was the house we lived in, until we moved and it followed us. I saw my great grandma after she passed away. I also would dream something and I would be so scared to tell anyone because it would later come true; it scares me sometimes. I was 6 months pregnant when I prematurely gave birth to my son and then lost him. He lived for 6 minutes and passed away in my arms. After I lost him, I started to get a feeling in my body that I was being pulled to find out what’s on the other side. I know he is in Heaven, but as a mother I felt I needed to know that he was okay. Then, 1 year later, I was 6 months pregnant with twin girls. I lost them, as well. During the delivery of my second twin, the hospital staff lost me and revived me 3 times. They said it was so difficult to resuscitate me that the 3rd time would have been the last attempt to get me back. I had to bury 3 babies, and because of this I feel like I am being pulled to investigate what’s on the other side. I have a passion for the paranormal and ever since I was little I have always wanted to investigate and learn more about what happens after we pass away. I want to have a better understanding of the scientific reasons and theories and I want to be able to help others understand these reasons and theories, as well.

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