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Residential August 28, 2010 Undisclosed
Author:  Tyra
Team Members Present:  Tyra, Jennifer, Beverly, Cindy, Weldon and the homeowner ; Jessica
Homeowner states she teaches “various forms of alternative” religion in her home. Her experiences started in the house in the year 2000. She states that she has been resuscitated and brought back to life in the middle of her living room...she had 6 death experiences during open-chest surgery. Prior to her illness, she had been pretty engaged in "occult" studies. Soon after she came home, however, odd things began happening. It started with cold/hot spots. There's been lots of occult-type stuff happening in this house on a very regular basis, but that all this "activity" began after I came home from that lengthy illness, a year or so before the "occult" stuff. She often hears people call her name (typically women's voices) when she knows she is home.

She says that in 2002, her boyfriend at the time spent the night, and found himself awake, in the attic, staring into a “creepy little closet-like room” up there. She will get flashes of light or shadows - mostly out the corner of her eyes - usually downstairs, during the day. Claims she will hear "thumps" - upstairs, that sound like they are coming from the ceiling (attic), if you're downstairs, they sound like they come from the basement. She claims that a growl was heard in the basement during a previous investigation with another team. 

She states her son (who is 11 now), spent a great deal of time speaking to an old man when he was in Kindergarten. He insisted this old man was real; that he "kept Mommy well", and that the old man used to live in the basement (she says bought this house; it wasn't in the family...None of them ever lived there). The summer before 1st grade, her son told her the old man decided to move back to the basement, and that meant he wouldn't see him again for a long time. She is unsure if her son even remembers him.
Property Summary:

The land itself is known as the black swamp natural region, and has clayey high lime till plains. The homeowner states that the house was a brothel and moonshine was made and ran from the house. According to the homeowner there was also a doctor’s office in the home at one time in addition to a boarding house at one point as well. 
Moon Phase:  Waning Gibbous
Investigation Details:

We worked together as one team the entire night. Present was Tyra, Jennifer, Beverly, Cindy, Weldon and the homeowner; Jessica.

We started the investigation with an EMF sweep, which was consistent with the first investigation. We started a short EVP session in the living room area of the home; Weldon placed the KII meter on the coffee table and then realized that we had not said our St Michael Prayer. At the end of the prayer, as he said “amen” the KII went about half way on the meter. Weldon ask Jessica if she recalled what happened the last time we were there while she was telling the knife story, as soon as he said this, the KII pegged into the red. We started an IO session at this time to go along with our EVP.

Insert 20100828McComb-1.mp3 We were able to get several IO hits and one direct response to a question that we ask.

Insert clip session 1 3min 29 sec possible EVP In this EVP it sounds like “Why you here?”

We then moved to the homeowner’s bedroom (Weldon, Tyra, Cindy and the homeowner; Jessica). Beverly started out in the homeowner’s reading room and Jennifer sat in her bathroom. We started with an EVP session. During the EVP session in the client’s bedroom we were able to collect some great evidence, both audio and video of most of the following events. We heard several pop's and creaks, but could not determine if they were paranormal or due the house settling. Jennifer and Beverly came into the bedroom and we continued with the EVP session. Weldon heard what sounded like a deep growl coming from the closet area of the room, he went over and could not locate the source of the noise. Soon after this he notes hearing what sounded like feet shuffling coming from the corner of the room, Jessica the homeowner was very close to the corner and she did not hear the sound and nothing was there at the time.

We began seeing unexplainable shadows, several of us were seeing small lights shoot across Jessica’s room and Tyra noticed a greenish colored mist move down the hallway. The homeowner noted that several guests in her home have also noticed that same thing on separate occasions in the past. It was noted on several occasions by all team members at some point hearing shuffling walking sounds coming from the hallway, the sound of like a marble rolling; all of these things were unexplained. During our EVP session we were able to collect the following EVPs:

Insert Clip session 2 19min 24 sec possible EVP which we determined to be a woman saying “quit bothering me” as well as a male voice saying “Robert” also there is a sound of an animal…maybe a sheep.

session 2 46 min 49 sec something moved on dresser and a man’s voice I don't recognize

In this clip, you can hear what sounded like something moving on the dresser. This was audible to us, as we all reacted to it. There is also what sounds to be a male voice that is not any of our investigations. We are unable to make out what it is saying.

Jennifer notes that she felt like she was being pricked by pins (“the sensation of an allergy test”). Weldon at the exact same time had just began notice a burning sensation on his back and didn’t say anything to anyone as he was waiting to see if it would stop. Tyra had just laid her flashlight on the bed and ask for anything in the room to turn it on for her. Seconds after they note the pin pricking and burning sensations the light turned on by itself. There was no one touching it or near the flashlight what so ever. Both team members presented evidence of the sensations that they were having as they both had markings on their backs that were not previously there. Jennifer had what appeared to be “pin prick dots” on her back and Weldon had red marks that were more elongated in shape as well as similar “pin prick dots” present. We came to the conclusion that this is how the entity was gaining energy to turn the light on and off for us. We also noticed that we were able see the flashlight physically rolling a little bit on its own prior to turning on or off on some occasions. It was laying on the flat surface of the bed, with no one touching it or making any movements on the bed. We tested the bed by hitting it or bouncing on it to see if we could duplicate the light rolling or turning on and off on its own but were unable to physically recreate it regardless of how light or hard we hit the bed. We placed a second flashlight on the bed to see if we could get both to turn on, about this time Weldon felt a very hard grab on his hip area.Insert 20100828McComb-2.mp3

Later after talking to Tyra on a break, she said that she had tapped his leg to get his attention to ask him something, but this was not what he had felt. He states that he felt the cold fingers of someone grab his hip. These pin pricking and burning sensations, then the light immediately turning on or off went on for approximately an hour in responses to our questions. We would ask for the light to turn on for yes, stay off for no. Activity elevated during the time that Jessica was talking about her grandfather and his military sword. I directly ask if this was Jessica’s grandfather and the light turned on for yes.

Insert clip session 2 47min 35 sec animal sound This is another animal sound; we believe it sounds like a sheep or lamb. It should be noted that we also got this several times during the first investigation as well.

A few other things that should be noted here is that during this EVP session Tyra noted that it felt as if someone stroked her hair. About the same time Weldon noted his leg had a burning sensation and Tyra states it felt as if someone had grabbed her leg.

Insert clip session 2 1hr 17 min 26 sec knock One of our team members heard a knock; we actually caught this on recording. This is unexplained.

Insert clip session 2 1hr 20min 04sec unknown sound no one reacts or tags We were also able to catch an unknown sound that no one reacts to or tags. Is this possibly something that the homeowner has heard before and maybe can explain the sound?

insert 20100828McComb-3.mp3 We also captured a very loud noise which no one tags or acknowledges.

We took a break and left all of our recorders upstairs. During this time, we were able to catch a few interesting pieces of evidence.

Insert clip session 3 1min 16 sec female voice In the first clip as Weldon and Cindy were placing recorders before going to break we caught a woman’s voice saying what we have determined to be “That’s for sure”.

Insert clip session 3 13min 31sec sounds like a child. In this clip (everyone is outside at this time) we were able to catch a couple this EVP in what sounds like two different voices saying “Why did you go there” and then a child saying “I didn’t, I didn’t” .

Insert clip session 3 35min 38sec thru 36min voice and a laugh In this clip, we had come back from break and were in the attic. We were able to catch several different things, a whisper and a laugh that was heard and reacted to by team members.

Insert 20100828McComb-4.mp3 There is a quick voice saying something, then Beverly says something, then you hear a word. No one tags a whisper.

20100828McComb-5.mp3 3 of us heard a knock coming from the closet area of the attic.

Insert 20100828McComb-6.mp3 Something underneath Cindy while she is talking, it’s hard to hear... this is more "high pitched" than anyone who was present for the investigation.

We then moved to the basement where we were able to capture a couple EVPs.

insert 20100828McComb-7.mp3 This is a noise and very low voice, after Weldon talks.

While in the basement, Tyra had laid her PUSH BUTTON flashlight on the floor and we were able to get something unseen turn it on and off for us several times on request and we were also able to see it move slightly from side to side. We had never seen that happen with a push button type flashlight before as those are more difficult for entities to manipulate. We believe that the entity was draining the energy from the batteries enough to shut the light off and then releasing energy back into the batteries to be able to turn it on.

Jennifer and Weldon simultaneously mentioned seeing a small white dog dart from one side of the room to the other on a couple of occasions.

Insert clip session 4 15min 26sec voice Weldon and I both heard and react to Last but not least, we were able to capture this EVP in the basement saying “Hey”. Weldon and Tyra both heard and reacted to this.

For research purposes only, iOvulous words were:
Living Room:
Ticket, Hill, Mandy, And, Noon, Behind, Cancer, Sad, Sally, Greg, Pillow, Book, Blind, Auto, Death, Farm, Greg, Lust, Grandpa, Bury, Knife, Car, Grandma, Candle, Storm, Drown, Grace, Light, Map, Nose, Broken, Goodbye, Hammer, Period, Jill, Force, Rain, Sir

Heart, Blood, Rose, Heat, Up, Attic


With the tremendous amount of evidence (both audio and video) during two separate investigations that we have been able to capture along with the personal experience of being touched, scraped and poked, seeing unexplained shadows and mists. We are confident in saying that this home is extremely active and most definitely haunted. We are unable to pinpoint exactly who is in the home. We do not feel that it poses any danger to the homeowner or to her family. It is believed that her grandfather may be one of the entities there.
Equipment Used:

(4) 130 Ft Remote IR Cameras
(2) 300 Ft Remote IR Cameras
(2) 50 Ft Remote IR Cameras
(4) 165 Ft Cables
(2) 50 Ft Cables
(2) EMF Meters (Ghost Meters) 0-5 mG
(1) Digital EMF Meter 0-200 mG
(1) KII Meter With Internal On/Off Toggle
(7) Cobra microTALK® PR 4200-2 WX 18-Mile Radio with Weather
(1) Zmodo 4 Chanel 500 GB DVR System DVR-DK0425
(1) Zephyr PWS-1000TD / Professional Weather Station Olympus digital voice recorder VN-4100PC Casio Exilim 3.2 mega pixels EX-S3 digital camera Dowsing rods
(1) Extech EMF
(1) K2 (Moded with On/Off Toggle)
(1) TriField Meter Model 100XE
(1) 30mw High Powered Violet Laser
(1) 100MW (532nm) High Powered Green Laser
(1) Panasonic DMC FX500 Digital Camera
(1) Panasonic DMC LZ2 Digital Camera
(1) Fuji Fine Pix S1000FD Digital Camera (SLR STYLE)
(1) SONY HANDYCAM DCR-HC28 Handheld DV Camera
(1) Sony ICD VX71 Digital Voice Recorder
(1) HP DV7 17.3" Notebook (AMD Turion II Dual-core mobile processor M520 (2.3GHz) 6GB DDR2 RAM 500GB HD Microsoft Windows 7 Premium 64-bit operating system


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