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Residential June 4, 2010 New Haven, Indiana
Author:  Tyra
Team Members Present:  Weldon Glenn, Melissa Samples, Robert Thompson
Special Guest:  Billy Ringer, Theologist
Homeowner states she teaches “various forms of alternative” religion in her home. Her experiences started in the house in the year 2000. She states that she has been resuscitated and brought back to life in the middle of her living room...she had 6 death experiences during open-chest surgery. Prior to her illness, she had been pretty engaged in "occult" studies. Soon after she came home, however, odd things began happening. It started with cold/hot spots. There's been lots of occult-type stuff happening in this house on a very regular basis, but that all this "activity" began after I came home from that lengthy illness, a year or so before the "occult" stuff. She often hears people call her name (typically women's voices) when she knows she is home.

She says that in 2002, her boyfriend at the time spent the night, and found himself awake, in the attic, staring into a “creepy little closet-like room” up there. She will get flashes of light or shadows - mostly out the corner of her eyes - usually downstairs, during the day. Claims she will hear "thumps" - upstairs, that sound like they are coming from the ceiling (attic), if you're downstairs, they sound like they come from the basement. She claims that a growl was heard in the basement during a previous investigation with another team. 

She states her son (who is 11 now), spent a great deal of time speaking to an old man when he was in Kindergarten. He insisted this old man was real; that he "kept Mommy well", and that the old man used to live in the basement (she says bought this house; it wasn't in the family...None of them ever lived there). The summer before 1st grade, her son told her the old man decided to move back to the basement, and that meant he wouldn't see him again for a long time. She is unsure if her son even remembers him.
Property Summary:

The land itself is known as the black swamp natural region, and has clayey high lime till plains. The homeowner states that the house was a brothel and moonshine was made and ran from the house. According to the homeowner there was also a doctor’s office in the home at one time in addition to a boarding house at one point as well. 
Investigation Details:

Team one: Melissa and Weldon
Team two: Robert and Billy
The homeowner, Jessica, joined both teams during the investigation.

Almost from the very beginning, sitting with Jessica in her living room, we started hearing bumps and thumps from other rooms and on the ceiling, like walking upstairs. Often, throughout the whole investigation, we heard walking on the stairs when nobody was there. We heard walking on the stairs from the living room, the master bedroom, and in the basement. The investigations began in the living room with everyone present. We did a fairly long EVP session. Melissa was doing an EMF sweep around the room and noticed hits on a picture of Jessica and her son, the hit was strongest on a “spell” that was in the corner of the picture, Weldon went over and was trying to figure out the source of the hit. We determined that there must be an electric wire running up the wall. There is a socket at the base of the floor board and it’s common for older homes to have wires running up from the basement to floors above. Everyone kept hearing what sounded like footsteps on the 2nd floor and the staircase. Melissa and Weldon went up to the second floor while the others stayed in the living room. Investigating this turned up nothing. There were not any noises heard by either team from any of the team members or any noises while they were up there. Upon reviewing the audio from this, we did indeed capture a few of the bangs and noises we were hearing on the stairs.

Team one then moved back downstairs to join the rest of the group where Weldon turned on the iOvilus, one of the first words it said was “knife”. Upon review of audio we found that Robert thinks that the iOvilus said “nice” and he asks “Do you think we are nice?” Immediately after Robert asks this, there is an unidentified voice that responds…“sure”. Jessica mentioned that knife could mean something and started telling a story that her mother told her about her grandfather. At the very moment, the iOvilus said “listen” and the KII meter spiked all the way into the red. She was telling the story of the knife and the KII stayed lit up red until she stopped talking about the knife. We ask her where it was kept and she explained where it was and that it was safe. Upon review of audio of this there is a response from an unidentified male voice that says “excellent” in reaction to the fact that it was safe. After that the iOvilus said “heart”. Jessica explained that her grandfather died of a heart attack. 

When we took our first break, Weldon and Melissa were walking around the dining room. Melissa was carrying the EMF detector, sweeping the room while Weldon and Jessica talked. The EMF levels went high again on a ceramic doll in the China cabinet, and only on the doll.

After the break, team one then moved downstairs in the basement where we were doing EMF sweeps checked out the little closet down there. The EMF levels were all normal down in the basement.

They also did an EVP session. They heard some noises; which was determined to be the AC, but there were a few that we could not identify as such. Melissa, in the corner; closest to the hole, where a previous investigative team had heard a growl, sat down their recorders and started asking questions. Weldon had just turned on his iOvilus and had his camcorder focused on it. Melissa turned her flashlight off (spin type), making sure the flashlight was just at the edge of power for quick, easy turn on. She sat it down on the concrete ledge and asked if anyone was with them to please turn her flashlight on and show us they were with them. Her flashlight turned on. Weldon didn’t catch it with his camcorder because it was focused on the IO. She then asked for further proof by turning the flashlight off. Weldon placed his battery pack beside the flashlight and explained that this would offer more power to turn the flashlight off. Whatever it was struggled and struggled, but did finally turn the flashlight off on camera. A little bit later, they asked to have the flashlight turned back on. The flashlight, once again, turned on. They asked to have the flashlight turned off again. Just like before, whatever energy was with them struggled to turn the flashlight off, but it did finally turn the flashlight off just before Melissa touched it. It’s hard to tell that the flashlight turned off by itself that second time because her hand was so close, but the light did go out before she actually turned it off. The two turn offs and one turn on were captured on Weldon’s camcorder. During this time of the flashlight phenomena, the basement got very icy to the point the team was starting to shiver. On a side note; while the energy was struggling to turn the flashlight off, soon after Weldon laid out his extra battery and explained that it could draw energy from that, the iOvilus said “faith”. Melissa and Weldon both said “we have faith, that you can turn it off” almost right after saying this; the flashlight turned off. After reviewing the audio from the basement, we caught what we will describe as the sound of a lamb or a baby. We also caught some the creaking and walking from above that we were hearing, and we caught a few pops and miscellaneous unidentified noises. 

Team one then moved to the bedroom with Jessica. In the master bedroom, the digital recorders were sat down and the IO was started. Another questioning session began with Jessica being involved. Two words the IO put out were “eat” and “blood” in this order. Hanging from the window in that room is what looks like IV’s. One has red liquid in it with the bag saying blood. The other has like a yellowish liquid in it and that bag says candy. Also, it should be noted that Jessica gets blood transfusions on a regular basis. She actually “eats blood” to survive her illness.

Melissa sat her flashlight down on the bed. She had intended to ask if anyone was there with them to turn the flashlight on, but before she could, the flashlight turned on. Jessica and Weldon both saw this, and it was also caught on camera. She asked for the flashlight to be turned back off. Once again, Weldon placed his battery backup beside the flashlight. Just like downstairs in the basement, the flashlight struggled to turn off but finally did on its own. This was seen by all in the room and caught on camera. 

While they were doing EVP and talking, Jessica was asking questions about the iOvilus and results we have had with it. While they were explaining some of the experiences we have had with the iOvilus, she laughed and said “wow, you should write the makers of the app, and ask them to explain how this works”. Upon reviewing the audio from this, there is a voice that is below hers that sounds as to what we will describe as “cackling”; it lasts the whole time she is talking and goes a few seconds after she is finished. There is also an unexplainable voice below the “cackling”, we are unable to determine what is being said.

Team one moved to the attic while Jessica stayed at the bottom of the stairs. Weldon turned on the IO and set it in front of the closet. Both team members heard a thump that came from somewhere in the closet. The IO started throwing out a whole lot of words. One of the first words was “Rob” (the story for why they were in this location is because Jessica’s ex-boyfriend, Rob, woke up standing in front of this closet and didn’t know how he got there. He doesn’t visit this house anymore, although Jessica still has a friendship with him). The next word was “Lisa.” This is the name that Melissa’s family calls her by. She was standing in front of the closet when the word was said by the IO. They were unable find the source of the thump and that was the only time they heard it. 

Team two experienced some unexplained events in the basement; much of this was documented on film and audio. It all started when our guest Billy feels a breeze and this began their intense experience down there.
Billy mentions getting colder. During the EVP session the K2 meter light up, this is unexplained. They started praying when they felt as though acknowledging it was there gave it strength enough that it felt like someone was bear hugging both of them. Robert noted that his body went numb and it got ice cold, and his head started splitting. As they started praying, they stated that they could feel the energy move off of them, as if it was cowering away.

For the purpose of research, the following are the locations and words of the iOvilus :
living room - Monday, knife, sure, ceiling, listen, heart, ticket
basement - most, nose, empty, faith
bedroom- eat, blood, finish, appear, float, edge
attic - five, alone, nose, float, deal, most, Rob, Lisa, Ed, Jill, empty

After reviewing the evidence that was captured we believe this location to be very active with paranormal activity. We feel that there are multiple entities in the house. We can’t say for sure, if any of them are her grandfather or not, with 100 % accuracy, but we do believe this is a haunted location.
Equipment Used:

(4) Remote IR Cameras
(2) EMF Meters (Ghost Meters) 0-5 mG
Digital EMF Meter 0-200 mG
(3) Earbuds for Cobra microTALK® Radio
(7) Cobra microTALK® PR 4200-2 WX 18-Mile Radio with Weather
Zephyr PWS-1000TD / Professional Weather Station
Zmodo 4 Chanel 500 GB DVR System DVR-DK0425
Extech EMF
K2 (Moded with On/Off Toggle)
TriField Meter Model 100XE
Panasonic DMC FX500 Digital Camera
Panasonic DMC LZ2 Digital Camera
Fuji Fine Pix S1000FD Digital Camera (SLR STYLE)
Sony HandyCam TRV 138 Hand Held HI-8
Sony ICD VX71 Digital Voice Recorder
Sony IC Recorder ICD-PX720
Post Investigation Visit:

Melissa and Weldon made a special visit to Jessica’s home on Saturday June 19, 2010 following our investigation to attempt to debunk and or recreate some things that were experienced, caught in pictures, on digital recorders during the investigation, and to gain more understanding of her religious practices in her home. The following are the results of this visit.

Post Investigation Visit Details:

Weldon, Melissa and Jessica were in the living room talking about what they were going to do during the visit; Weldon heard what sounded like a cough coming from the upstairs. He asked Jessica and Melissa if they heard this as well; and they said they did not hear the cough, but they heard what sounded like a creak coming from upstairs. 

In the bedroom; once again talking with Jessica, Weldon heard the same cough. He could not tell where it was coming from, but it did not seem to be close, but was on the same floor as they were. Once again, he asked Melissa and Jessica if they heard the sound and they said no. 

They asked Jessica to explain the “protection spell” that is down in the basement. She said it was for a friend of hers, who had insomnia and could not sleep. She called it “sympathetic magic”. The sand is very dense and it has a calming effect. The pan is in a cradle shape to represent holding her safe and sound and the hair represent’s a part of her. Jessica stated that this works on the principle of like attracts like. You use various things, to get the results you want. 

Then they asked Jessica if she considers herself a Wiccan. To which she said no; she practices what is called reconstructive heathenry. This religion seeks to rebuild religions that existed in pre Christian Europe. It has a very strong ancestry component to it. You pay honor to your ancestor’s and your roots. Hers is Sweden and Norway. The basic belief is there is something to be had with returning to your spiritual roots.

She does teach some Wicca; very basic, she herself has reached the 3rd degree, back when she lived in California.

They asked Jessica to repeat the story of the knife, to see if we would get any of the same results as before. She told the same story as before; we did not get any EMF or KII hits this time. But while reviewing the audio from this, we did catch an EVP after she gets done with the story. It’s an odd sounding noise. It sounds like a plastic lid popping off something. Neither Melissa nor Weldon can figure out what could have made the sound. Melissa’s recorder sat on a little eating table beside her. Jessica then told them that her grandfather was not a very enduring man, and that he was very strict, she said she thought this was due to his military background. She stated that she only meet him maybe three times in her life. 

All three of them then moved up to bathroom on the second floor to try and debunk the picture that was taken in there where there was an unexplained light on the window blinds from almost ceiling to floor. Melissa stood over by the toilet and watched the flash on the blinds and wall as Weldon took pictures. She stated that the flash was in the basic area as the picture we took, and it was about the same size and shape. This happened about every time Weldon took a picture. At one point Weldon took three pictures in a row, Melissa states it’s over there. While reviewing the audio from this, you hear what sounds like a very loud breath or gust of wind and then right after this Melissa’s stomach growls very loudly and she suddenly feels ill for unknown reasons. Weldon then takes a few more shots and Melissa says “it’s all the way to the floor”. While reviewing the audio from this, you can hear a women’s voice (not Melissa’s or Jessica’s) saying “hum”. At this point Melissa excused herself to use the bathroom downstairs. As she is shutting the door, right before she turns her recorder off, the recorder captures a cat’s meow or a woman saying camera...we will let you decide what you hear. There aren’t any cats in the house and she heard nothing with her ears. Weldon was taking some pictures of the shower area where he had gotten a similar light anomaly that we had on the picture that we were attempting to debunk. Jessica and Weldon were talking about the location of where another team (IGT, during a previous investigation) got the same anomaly in that bathroom were standing when they took their picture. While reviewing the audio of this, there is a male voice underneath Weldon’s, however we are unable to understand what it is saying.

As Weldon is taking more pictures of the shower, he says “that’s interesting, that picture did not take”. While reviewing the audio of this at that very moment you hear what sounds like a very mechanical sound almost computer like.

While Melissa was downstairs to use the restroom she also went to get a flashlight for Weldon. When grabbing the flashlight, she raised back up from the coffee table to see something dash by her. She can’t describe it, only that it went from the window, toward the mirror and was close to the stairs. It moved very fast. She looked around, trying to figure out what she had just seen, but whatever it was, it was gone and she could not find an explanation for it. 

When they moved to her bedroom, Jessica was telling the story of the house and the person that lived there before she bought the house; he had contracted cancer from a very dangerous high level of radon in the basement, enough to kill a small herd of elephants. While she was telling this, Weldon heard the same cough that he had heard downstairs; again he was unable to tell where it was coming from. Again neither Melissa nor Jessica heard the cough.

Later, downstairs in the living room Melissa was talking with Jessica while Weldon was on the phone with Kurt. She became very ill again and had to excuse herself for a second time. When listening to the audio, right before she gets sick again, there is a sound that sounds female, more under Melissa’s voice instead of Jessica’s. Melissa’s recorder also caught two words in the living room that sounded Native American. While Weldon’s talking at one point, in the living room, a male voice is captured on my recorder saying “dude” or “you.” 

They moved downstairs to the basement. Weldon was provoking and calling whatever was down there to come forward and make itself known. He stated that it could kick, punch, scratch, and push him. Nothing happened; he then stated it was a coward and just chose to pick on the other two team members a few nights ago and not him now. He again stated that it needed to punch or kick him, otherwise it was a coward. He then asked if whatever was down there was human with no results, he asked if there were more than one down there, again nothing. He then asked if they were being held against their will, with no results. He then said if the same entity was down there that had interacted with he and Melissa before was there… that he was very sorry if he had scared them. What he had said was not directed towards them in any way and he hoped that they would come out for us again, when we come back.

No high EMF’s except around that same picture with Jessica and her son, and the witch spell of protection. This time the EMF readings were different, all lower, and the higher readings were in different places. I don’t know why the readings were different this time. This was noticed by both Melissa and Weldon and there were pictures taken to document the EMF readings.


We are still convinced given the evidence we have obtained from this home that it is a haunted location with a lot of activity. We plan to perform a further investigation with more of the team members in tow in hopes that we can have a longer investigation that will yield more specific answers for the homeowner. Our feelings at this point are that there isn’t anything malicious in the home and that the homeowner has nothing to worry about.


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