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Residential May 7, 2010 Seymour, Indiana
Author:  Tyra
Team Members Present:  Weldon, Cindy, Tyra, and Melissa
She states that her and her husband have experienced paranormal activity in their home since they moved in June, 2008. The first thing that happened was her dog was attacked, but not hurt. Since then, she states there have been many sounds (footsteps, voices, music, etc), smells (including tobacco and cigarette smoke), cold spots, shadows, a full bodied apparition. They believe there is a little girl that favors Clif when it storms and enjoys playing with our dog. They have a “haunted painting”, he's just "a guest in their home". They’ve had their wedding rings moved between the bathroom and our bedroom on a number of occasions. Other small items have been moved. A few weeks ago, while Sandy was at work, her husband witnessed the effect of our dog being stepped on/hurt so he yelped and limped to his kennel. A few days after that, as Sandy literally pulled into the driveway and before I put the car in park, Clif heard the garage door open/close, someone come inside and go into the bathroom…she wasn’t even out of the car yet and it wasn’t her. Something similar to that happened earlier in the evening as well. One evening, as they came home from a movie, they drove past the living room window at their home to pull into the driveway, from the 30-45 seconds it took to get into the house from the car; the TV had been turned on. It wasn't on before as it was dark outside and it would have been noticeable from the street. Several days after that, Sandy and Clif had a big fight and she took to reading in the middle bedroom to be alone. The power in the whole house went out for maybe 30 seconds and came back on before going off again. They state that the breaker had to be tripped and there wasn’t the right combination of things on in the house to trip the breaker. 

They had a roommate from Jan-Sept 2009. They believe he was starting to dabble in Wicca. Sandy and Clif went to Ohio the last weekend in August for wedding stuff and weren't gone 72 hours. When they came home, there was a smell of sulfur and rotten eggs and a stuffy house. The state the roommate had also been using the incense that's used to contact the dead. Clif told me that the roommate had his radio and computer messed with by the little girl, and a male voice told him to "get out", within weeks he randomly announced that was moving out and was moved out overnight. They believe the roommate opened something in our middle bedroom and a lot of negative activity into our home. Other than the dog being hurt again, Sandy states she has also been extremely creeped out by something in the middle of the night when getting up to use the bathroom, and she says feels like this entity may want to eventually hurt her or someone else. 

They want to identify what's in their home, what's negative and what's not, and get rid of the negative entities. She states she don't like seeing her dog get hurt, and fear that if her dog is being hurt, that if they ever have kids (or my small nieces visiting) that children would be hurt.
Property Summary:

The homeowners noted that this area used to be farmland before the houses were built.
Environmental Details:

There were storms in the area during the investigation.
Investigation Details:

Upon arrival the team carried the equipment in and worked together to get set up. The team consisted of Cindy, Tyra, Melissa and Weldon. As we were finishing set up and getting ready to begin the investigation several of us heard tapping or light banging noises coming from the hallway or middle room area. Nothing was found out of the ordinary and could have been the house itself. Nothing conclusive came out of this. We began the investigation around 10:30 PM with an EVP session. During this EVP session, Melissa, Cindy and Tyra were in the living room and Weldon and the homeowner were in the kitchen. The three of us clearly heard a noise that as we investigated we found to be the sound of the dog’s room door either opening or closing a little with no one anywhere near it, and this is unexplained. 

While Cindy and Tyra were sitting in the hallway with the thermometer they were able to get the temperature to come down, which appeared to be in response to their encouragement. The room temperature was at 74 degrees and it gradually would drop and finally reached 69 degrees. As soon as they acknowledged and said good job it quickly raised back up to normal room temperature. During this time we also got several hits on the K2 in response to our questions and were even able to get a third time confirmation hit.

Weldon was sitting in the kitchen at command center, with Clifford (The Husband) at the command center, and they both heard a VERY loud "Grinding" noise in the other end of the kitchen. The rest of the team was in the living room area. Clif went over and began moving things around to recreate the sound, but these were not the same sound. When he moved a cross that was hanging on the wall, it was the very same noise that they both had heard; there were no drafts or anyone in the area so the movement of this cross is unexplained.

We moved into the Dog's Room. Weldon was sitting on the floor and heard a very loud "Heavy breathing" in his left ear, he stated it happened again right in his ear a few minutes after this. Then he notes feeling 2 taps on his back, he checked to make sure he was not sitting up against anything at all, and there was nothing within reach of his back. Tyra asked for the entity to touch her, and again Weldon felt 2 taps on his back. Around the same time as the breath and touches, there was a very noticeable cold spot in the area in front of Weldon, he could feel it with his left hand, and he held out his right hand, it was warmer than the left. Soon after he and Tyra noted smelling what they described as a very heavy "Camp Fire" smell. There was also the sound of electrical buzzing for a about a minute or two while in the dog’s room. It sounded to be coming from along the ceiling over the dog’s cage. 

Weldon also stated that he heard what seemed to be someone talking to the dog, which was outside at the time. He stood very close to the window heard it again, it was not clear enough for him to understand, but states there was different talking coming from the outside of the house. 

Tyra, Cindy and Weldon, received multiple hits on the K2 on command in the area of the hallway also shortly thereafter. We paid close attention to the iOvilus as we continue to experiment with it in the field. We have been rather impressed by the results but still unable to put all of our faith into it. We received hits on words like red, wall, Sandra (The wife’s name) frame, fire, hat, and ashes, husband, cancer, alter, eye, Mason, Pam, George, tragic, pillow, police, bag, drag, doctor, mommy, Steven, river, frame, fire, ashes, army, burn, Indian, farm, grain, broken (all associated with the story of the picture frame story). Note: The artist that did the painting in the living room is Steven River, which was two of the words that the iOvilus said, one right after the other. The 2 best examples of iOvilus hits, where in the living room, we were talking about which room we were going to move to next, and the iOvilus said, "Choose", another is when we all were in the Center Bedroom and Tyra, was kneeling in front of the bed, looking at the Mel Meter, and the iOvilus said "Beg". At one point Clif went out to stop the dog from barking and we heard the homeowner slap the dog and we heard the dog yelp, then we also heard the iOvilus say “attack” at the very same moment. 

Upon review of evidence Tyra found in one of her pictures of the dog’s bedroom there appears to be something of a brownish, red color running down the wall (as mentioned above the iOvilus said “red and wall” during an earlier iOvilus session) from the ceiling over the computer. None of the team members remember this; we will check that area when we do the second investigation.

We set up command at approximately 10:00pm -10:15pm. We had an issue with the small 30’ range camera cable. One of the pins had bent and we were not receiving any signal at the command center. We set up the 110’ camera in the kitchen and began investigating at approximately 10:30pm. The night had plenty of activity though nothing was capture through Evp due to noise contamination. Temperature changes and cold spots were associated with a few noises that happen around the same area before the cold spots were found. 

The team would like to go back for a second, more conclusive investigation where the residents are not home and participating and the dog being removed from the home as well. We really think we would have been much more successful with EVP sessions and the investigation if it were not for all of the background noise. We were getting some really good hits on the K2, iOvilus, interaction with the thermometer and some of the team getting the sensations of being touched, as well as lots of unexplained noises and things being moved. At this point, our investigation is inconclusive due to all of the background noise.
Equipment Used:

(4) Remote IR Cameras
(2) EMF Meters (Ghost Meters) 0-5 mG
Digital EMF Meter 0-200 mG
(3) Earbuds for Cobra microTALK® Radio
(7) Cobra microTALK® PR 4200-2 WX 18-Mile Radio with Weather
Zephyr PWS-1000TD / Professional Weather Station
Zmodo 4 Chanel 500 GB DVR System DVR-DK0425
Olympus digital voice recorder VN-4100PC
Casio Exilim 3.2 mega pixels EX-S3 digital camera
Sony 8.1 megapixel Cyber-shot DSC-W150 digital camera
Sony Handycam DCR-DVD108 with night vision
Sony HVL-IRM IR Camcorder Light
Sony IC Recorder ICD-PX720
Acer Aspire laptop
Extech EMF
K2 (Moded with On/Off Toggle)
TriField Meter Model 100XE
Panasonic DMC FX500 Digital Camera
Panasonic DMC LZ2 Digital Camera
Fuji Fine Pix S1000FD Digital Camera (SLR STYLE)
Sony HandyCam TRV 138 Hand Held HI-8
Sony ICD VX71 Digital Voice Recorder


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