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Case# Type Date Location


Commercial Nov. 13, 2009 Columbus, Indiana
Author:  Tyra
Team Members Present:  Kurt, Cindy, Tyra, Kim, Kimber and Jason
It is stated that there is a little girl (around 14 years old) present and they have traced her back about 18 years but do not know the story behind it. They have found objects in personal belongings that have never been seen before, unexplained noises (footsteps and such) and full-body apparitions (so vivid that they are able to describe her). The activity is noted more on the massage side of the salon. There have been a lot of feelings of being watched throughout the building. Three of the employees in the building are known to be “very much tuned into her” and claim to have actually communicated with her during meditation. Doors have been known to open and close on their own for unknown reasons. She (the little girl) is known to pace back and forth in front of one of the classroom doors during tests. Objects and money have been known to be moved and then reappear within the next few days. Tyra personally had experienced extreme feelings of being watched for over a year and a half (before she knew anything was going on there) as she cleaned in the evenings. She had a pair of hair clippers and a washing machine turn themselves on while cleaning one night and the feather duster in her back pocket was played with (moved back and forth and up and down) several times within about a 2 or 3 minute period during that same evening.
Property Summary:

The commercial building is probably 60 years old. There are currently two businesses occupying the building. We were informed that an electrical company previously occupied the building. The White River runs approximately 1000-2000 feet behind the building. 
Environmental Details:

There were storms in the area during the investigation.
Investigation Details:

Kurt, Kim, Tyra and Kimber arrived around 7:30 PM, talked with Beverly and began set up. Cindy and Jason arrived around 9:30 and assisted with the completion of set up.
We broke off into two teams and began getting baseline EMF readings throughout the building at approximately 10:00 PM. 
Two IR cameras were placed in the building. The first one being on the salon side near the lobby pointing down the hallway, and the other on the massage side in the classroom pointed into the hallway. Jason and Kurt inspected the appliances that had turned themselves on for me and it is unlikely for them to accidentally turn on as the power buttons are not easily moved into the on position.

Team 1 - Tyra, Kurt, Cindy and Beverly (Shop manager)
Team 2 - Jason, Kimber, Kim

Right from the very beginning of the EMF sweep Team 1 was in the back of the shop, Tyra and Kurt were checking out the restroom while Cindy and Beverly were checking the kitchen. As Tyra and Kurt came out of the restroom and turned to head toward the front of the shop the EMF detector began spiking for unknown reasons. At the very same moment, Cindy started experiencing chills in the kitchen while at the exact same moment the walkie-talkies started screeching and a girls voice was heard (but was it was undetermined what she was saying) as well as a man’s voice saying “hello” three to four times during this electronic phenomena. This lasted approximately one to two minutes and then everything stopped as abruptly as it started. This all happened at the exact same moment of each other but was noted in the order above. 
Tyra was unable to recreate the EMF spike in the hallway where it had spiked in the beginning of this phenomenon.

Baseline EMF readings:
Parlor: 7.39 at the 3rd chair wall 
.39 at the right sink outlet
Normal base line in the middle 
Manicure room: .01 to .02 - baseline
Pedicure room: .40 - outlet
.01 to .02 - baseline
Hallway: Normal base line
Face room: .30 to .60 - Radio
Water room: Radio - high
Lounge: 1.47 - microwave
.03 to .04 - refrigerator
Sauna Room: .3 - speaker
Laundry room: normal base line
Calm room: .4 to .5
Mystical room: normal base line
Cold Room: ** ionic freshener in room 
Fish room: 1.20 - radio
Freda's room: base line of 0
Classroom: base line of 0
Massage Lobby: elevated reading

The teams met after the baseline sweep and took a break. After the break we closed all doors in the building to see if we could catch one opening on it’s own, then split into groups to begin the investigation. 

Team 1 – Cindy, Tyra, Jason
Team 2 – Kurt, Kim, Kimber

Team 1 started in the massage lobby with an EVP session. They noted that the EMF spikes intermittently with the EMF detector that was lying in the hallway near the classroom where the girl has been known to pace by the door during tests. The team found an area in the carpet that looked to be seamed under the EMF detector. It was determined that it is possible that there could be a wire under the carpet causing the detector to go off, the spiking was inconsistent but was determined not to be paranormal. In review of the EVP session in this hallway, Tyra found that there was a female voice whispering, “Sit here.” 

The team moved through the hallway and into a little area outside of two massage rooms at this point. One of the doors in this area was open a little (but had been closed by the team prior to anyone coming into this area to investigate). Cindy and Tyra started off in this area, then Jason joined a few minutes later. Right as Cindy and Tyra were starting the EVP session and was tagging the area there is a wispy voice saying “_____ area” as if it were trying to help describe the location they were in.
We also heard several noises, like someone walking down the hallway on several occasions, but Jason believed that could be the ceiling tiles making noise as the heat turned on and off.

Team 2 started their investigation on the salon side of the building in the hallway. They conducted an EVP session and took pictures. Kurt mentioned on two separate occasions that he could hear a heavy breathing sound. Kimber thought she heard it at one point as well. Kim noted that she did not hear anything. In the face room, they noted getting very high EMF readings just above the massage table. They discovered that the source of the high EMF was an electric blanket. They thought it was strange that during the initial sweeps of the room there were no EMF spikes and wondered how the blanket turned on. In the room with the big mirror, Kimber had an experience where the bed she was sitting on began to shake. They found no cause for this. They made sure to thoroughly investigate the laundry room since one claim is that the washing machine turned on by itself a couple of weeks earlier. Nothing unusual occurred during the investigation of this room. They made sure to cover every room on the salon side of the building.

We took a 10-minute break and then the teams switched sides of the building, team 1 took the salon side of the building this time and team 2 went to the massage side. 

Team 1 started back in the sauna room. During the EVP session we were hearing noises and traced it to outside of the back door. We were able to determine that it was the tires on the cars driving down the road making a humming noise. The team then moved into the water room and sat in there for a few minutes, with nothing notable happening in there. The team moved on into the facial room (Jason) and the room across the hall from it (Tyra and Cindy). During the EPV session in here Cindy noted hearing a noise that sounded like door closing slightly and you can hear a whisper say “can’t you hear?” During this same time Jason noted seeing something blocking the light at the bottom of the door at the end of the hall on the massage side through the glass door for about 15 minutes as if something was walking back and forth in the hallway in front of the door. Team 2 was contacted on the walkie-talkies to find out what their location had been for the past 15 minutes and they were in the front of the building during this time. Team 1 then experimented with different scenarios to try to debunk this. Jason went outside while Cindy and Tyra stayed in the hallway to see if his walking in front of the door outside would completely block the light at the bottom of the door. It was found that it did not match what he was seeing as you could see the shadow at the bottom of the door, but could still see the light in front of the shadow and it was not blocking the light. He noted it was a complete block out and reappearance over and over for a solid 15 minutes. It was determined that this could only be happening from the inside of the building to have the appearance that he was seeing, but there was no one in that area at that time. The reason for this is still unexplained and could not be debunked. 

After break, team 2 began their investigation of the massage side of the building. Again, they covered each room and noted no unusual occurrences.

At this point the teams met up, took down and packed away the equipment, re-opened all of the doors that were supposed to be open and left the doors that were supposed to be closed, closed, double-checked that all of the lights that were supposed to be left on were turned back on. We locked up and left. 

When the cleaning crew (which was Tyra and Kimber) went in to clean on Sunday (2 days later) there were several noises, one of which was the sound of someone running down the hallway on the massage side, Tyra and Kimber were in the men’s restroom together and there was no one else was in the building. On Monday, Beverly called Tyra and asked why all of the doors on the massage side of the building were closed when they came in Saturday morning. All of the doors were open on Saturday morning when the team left, as the team members made several passes through the building to ensure everything was left the way it was when we entered for the investigation…but every one of them were closed by the time the shop opened on Saturday morning (just a few hours later) even though no one had been in the building between those times. It was also noted by Beverly that there was a computer mouse that was completely missing when they came in on Saturday as well.

Paranormal activity at this location is possible, as we did capture some possible EVPs and one unexplained episode with the EMF levels during the walkie-talkie phenomena. We did not however capture concrete evidence on video or in pictures. 
Equipment Used:

Sony TRV-480 Digital 8 camcorder with Night Vision w/ 10 hour battery
Sony HVL-IRM IR Camcorder Lights equipped with 7 hour batteries
Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS-311M
Actron CP7875 PocketTherm Infrared Thermometer
Canon 5.0 Megapixel Powershot A95 digital camera, this was lent to Jason as his camera had problems
Canon 8.0 Megapixel Powershot A590 IS digital camera
Cobra microTALK® PR 4200-2 WX 18-Mile Radio with Weather
Garmin Nuvi 265WT GPS portable
Zephyr PWS-1000TD / Professional Weather Station
Dell Vostro 1000 AMD Turion 64 x2 TL-58 1.90GHz with 2Gb Ram
Dell Inspiron 1501 AMD Turion 64 x2 TL-60 2.00GHz with 2Gb Ram
(4) Remote IR Cameras
(2) EMF Meters (Ghost Meters) 0-5 mG
Digital EMF Meter 0-200 mG
(1) Earbuds for Cobra microTALK® Radio
Earbuds for Cobra microTALK® Radio
Olympus VN-4100 PC digital voice recorder
Extech 22-818 IR Mini Thermometer 
Tri-field meter 
Sony 7.2 megapixel Cyber-shot digital camera
EMF Meter (Ghost Meter) 0 - 5 mG
Sony 8.1 megapixel Cyber-shot DSC-W150 digital camera
Sony Handycam DCR-DVD108 with night vision
Sony HVL-IRM IR Camcorder Light
Sony IC Recorder ICD-PX720
Acer Aspire laptop
Sanyo VPC-E870 8 megapixel digital camera
Sony Digital camcorder W/ Night vision and extra 9 led IR Light source
Olympus VN6200pc Digital Voice Recorder
IR Temperature gun
Earbuds for Cobra microTALK® Radio
Geiger counter
Olympus digital voice recorder VN-4100PC
Casio Exilim 3.2 mega pixels EX-S3 digital camera


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