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Residential June 24, 2009 Attica, Michigan
Author:  Kim Daugherty
A few of the more notable claims made by the homeowners are as follows; objects move on their own in the living room, family pets stare at the ceiling in the bathroom and growl when nothing can be seen by the homeowners. A previous occupant of the home told the Bowersons of an incident in which she was sleeping in an upstairs bedroom and awoke to find a man standing in the doorway looking at her. Rodney Bowerson was relaxing in bed one night and witnessed the door to the bedroom close on its own. He decided to conduct an experiment and asked any entity to open the door at which time the door opened on its own. He has also seen the reflection of a female figure on the television screen and has heard footsteps walking in front of the same television. Rodney also experienced an incident in which he was working in the attic and had some tools move from where he placed them and reappear in a different location in the attic. Mary, along with a friend and relative, have on three separate occasions experienced a force holding them down in bed. During one particular night, she also heard voices in the empty spare bedroom. Mary claims to feel like she is being watched while in the cemetery. The first sign of activity occurred approximately four years after the homeowners moved in.
Background History:
The Buckingham School House first opened in the 1800’s. In the early 1900’s, a fire consumed the school house. Sometime between 1923 and 1926, the school was rebuilt using donated wood from a local saw mill owned by the Buckingham family which is how the school acquired its name. The school was, at some point, converted into a home and in1996 Rodney and Mary Bowerson bought the home and immediately moved in.

The homeowners claim that a Civil War battle took place on the property and also on the land across the street from the property. They did not provide any information to back up this claim.

The Roscoe Cemetery is located only several yards away from the school house. The cemetery was incorporated in 1887 however, there is a head stone in the cemetery that is dated 1874. The cemetery is inactive with the most recent legible death date being 1890.
Geographical Significance:
This location is located in a flat secluded region of Western Michigan. It is approximately forty miles from Lake Huron and seventy miles from Lake Erie. There are no major waterways near the location.

The cemetery is located on the brow of a hill that tops over 1,000 feet. The house is down from this hill at approximately 955 feet.
Moon Condition:
Waning Gibbous, 97% of full
Solar Conditions:
Solar – Terrestrial Data
2009 Aug 07, 1506 UTC
Solar Flux: 67
A-Index: 12
K-Index: 1 / 9nT
X-Ray: LT A1.0
SunSpots: 0

Calculated Conditions
Band Day Night
80m-40m : Fair Good
30m-20m : Poor Good
17m-15m : Poor Poor
12m-10m : Poor Poor
Weather Conditions:
Outdoor Temperature 61.9F 12:20:07 AM - Min.
74.5F 9:33:05 AM - Max.
Indoor Temperature 73.1F 1:19:07 AM - Min.
75.9F 9:33:05 AM - Max.
Outdoor Humidity 53.0% 9:33:05 AM - Min.
80.0% 2:21:07 AM - Max.
Indoor Humidity 52.0% 11:47:07 PM - Min.
55.0% 9:40:07 PM - Max.
Due Point 54.9F 11:23:03 PM - Min.
58.1F 9:38:11 PM - Max.
Pressure 291.1in. 9:33:05AM - Min.
291.7in. 12:52:05AM - Max.
Gust Speed 0.0kts 11:20:04 PM - Min.
5.8kts 9:47:06 PM - Max.
Direction 0.0 11:01:05 PM - Min.
315.0 11:59:05 PM - Max.
Upon arrival to the Bowerson home, one would most likely find themselves captivated by its sight. Although the bell is missing and the original steps are hidden under a deck, it still holds the characteristics of the original school house. The property is beautiful. Stately pines and other enormous trees surround the premises along with whimsical plantings along the front of the home. Across the street is a scenic expanse of rolling hills that stretch clear to the horizon. The team was informed this area served as a battlefield in the Civil War. To the side of the property is a quaint little woodland which contains an old cemetery with graves dating back to the Civil War days. The entire property and all of its historical charm would leave any visitor feeling as if they have stepped back into time. Due to the owner’s, Rodney and Mary Bowerson, paranormal claims, the old Buckingham School House left the team excited for an investigation into it’s potentially haunted grounds.

The team arrived at the property at approximately 7:15 pm and started the evening with a tour of the property beginning in the cemetery. Where most cemeteries are somewhat symmetrical with rows upon rows of grave stones, this cemetery is a lovely stand of trees with paths leading to groups of graves tucked into their own little peaceful corners. It is because of Mary’s hard work that these paths exist as she has spent hours clearing away branches and debris and restoring the gravestones. Upon entering the cemetery, Mary pointed to a group of stones and told how they belonged to a husband, his wife and a brother. A little further up the path is a group of stones belonging to a man and his two daughters who died at a very young age. The paths continued to twist and turn and lead to many other small groups of graves, each belonging to a different family. Some of the stones were in such bad shape that it was impossible to read who they belonged to. One particular group of graves was merely marked by a circular grouping of small round rocks and a broken square header. Mary explained that it was near this group of graves that she felt a strong presence of something or someone watching her while clearing away debris. Perhaps it was a spirit happy to have its final resting place rediscovered and cared for. Perhaps this spirit has a story to tell. The team left the cemetery hoping that any spirit there would be willing to share his or her story during that night’s investigation.

A walk through of the home followed. Mary led the team through each room starting with the living room and kitchen. She told of the spirit of the little boy that they believed frequented the living room and adjacent hallway. Mary provided the team with two matchbox cars, one being one of the original cars supposedly played with by the spirit boy. A team member placed the two cars on the coffee table using coins to hold them in place. The plan was to check the cars at the end of the evening to see if they had been disturbed. Down the hall was the office in which Mary claimed to have smelled a floral odor, a spare room, the home’s only bathroom and, at the very back of the house, a mud room. The mud room is an addition made to the original structure. The door to the mudroom is the original back door of the school house and the original siding remains on the interior wall of the mud room.

Upstairs, Mary walked the team through a second living room in which Rodney had his experience of seeing a figure in the television and hearing footsteps. The team also walked through the master bedroom and spare bedroom. A couple of the team members experimented with the door to the master bedroom in an attempt to find any natural causes for the door to open and shut on its own. No such causes were found. A couple of team members also checked out the stairs to the attic to decide if a venture into the attic would be possible during the investigation. The door to the attic is located on the ceiling between the master and spare bedrooms.

During the walkthrough, a team member did a thorough EMF sweep of the entire home. The downstairs hallway had a high range of anywhere between 3.6mG and 13.7 mG (milliGaus) along one of the walls. It was discovered that a light in the spare bedroom, opposite the same wall, was the cause of the high EMF range. The rest of the home had normal EMF ranges. A carbon monoxide detector located in the upstairs living room read 120ppm (parts per million).

The team decided to set up home base in the kitchen. A camera was placed in the upstairs living room facing the entire living room, including the doors to both bedrooms. A camera was placed directly inside the entrance of the cemetery facing directly down the path leading towards the back of the cemetery. The weather station was placed in the front yard. The group was divided into two teams with Kurt, Kim and Mary being on team one and Jason, Cindy and Rodney on team two. The investigation began at approximately 11:00 pm.

The investigation of the downstairs of the home included additional EMF readings, EVP sessions and experiments with the Ghost Meter. Kurt also used his hand held camera to record team one’s entire investigation. There was one questionable EVP captured in the office, but upon review, the team could not make out what it said. Also, in the office, Mary felt a cold chill near her back. Kurt took a temperature reading and it was at normal room temperature. Mary also said she smelled a floral odor, but neither Kurt nor Kim smelled it. An unsuccessful attempt at communication with any entity was made in each room with the Ghost meter. No anomalies appeared in any of the photographs taken nor were there any anomalies captured on video. All EMF ranges remained normal.

The same investigative approach was used in the upstairs of the home, which yielded no evidence. Team two did have an incident where they heard a scratching sound while in the attic. There were bats in the attic, all of which were asleep. The team found no natural cause for the scratching noise and the noise was not captured on audio.

Both teams found the investigation of the cemetery to be livelier than that of the home. Many potential EVPs and several questionable noises were captured on audio however, due to traffic on the road next to the property and the natural sounds of nature, the EVPs were too difficult to establish and can not be used as evidence. Team two had an incident where they heard what sounded like a rock hitting a tree and then falling to the ground. No explanation for this noise was found. Both teams reported hearing and chasing sounds only to be lead nowhere. Every member of the team reported hearing strange noises that were realized to be that of horses in a field on the south side of the cemetery.

The investigation ended at approximately 2:30 am. All of the equipment was gathered and put away and it was during this time that one of the team members remembered to check the matchbox cars to see if they had been moved at all. They had not.

Due to the distance from home and the late hour, the team decided to stay the night on the property. Cindy, who roomed in the upstairs spare bedroom, claimed that at one point during the night, she heard mumbling and scratching noises coming from another area of the home. An attempt was made to find the source of the noises but none was found.
Upon the completion of evidence review, the team has concluded that it can not deem the property to be haunted due to the lack of conclusive scientific evidence. However, the team agrees that the Buckingham School house proved to be a very interesting and intriguing place to investigate. Rodney and Mary Bowerson were very gracious hosts and the investigation was considered an overall success due to a complete and organized performance conducted by the team.
An Interesting Note:
In a conversation held between Cindy and the Bowersons at a later date, it was learned that it was impossible that horses could have been heard during the investigation because the neighbors had stabled the horses that night. Upon learning of this, Kurt assured the team that he even saw what looked like the shapes of two horses on the south perimeter of the cemetery and can be heard saying so on audio.

So, what did the team hear that night? What did Kurt see?

Is it possible that the team witnessed the spirits of some Civil War battle horses?
Equipment Used:
  • (2) Remote IR Cameras: 1 – (20’range indoor) and 1 – (300’ range indoor coolpodz)
  • (3) Ghost Meters 0-5 mG
  • Digital EMF Meter 0-200 mG
  • (4) Ear buds for Cobra microTalk radio
  • (4) micrTalk Radios
  • Olympus V-100 digital voice recorder
  • Olympus VN-4100 PC digital voice recorder
  • Olympus WS-311M digital voice recorder
  • Olympus VN-3100 digital voice recorder
  • Sony 8.1 megapixil cyber-shot dsc-w150 camera
  • Sony 7.2 megapixil cyber-shot digital camera
  • Sanyo VPC-E870 8 megapixel digital camera
  • Sony ic recorder icd-px720
  • Sony TRV-480 digital 8 camcorder with night vision
  • Sony HVL-IRM IR camcorder light
  • Sony digital camcorder with night vision and extra 9 led IR light source
  • IR temperature gun
  • Garmin Nuvi 265WT GPS portable
  • Zephyr PWS-1000TD / Professional Weather Station
  • Dell Vostro 1000 AMD Turion 64 x2 TL-58 1.90GHz with 2Gb Ram
  • Dell Inspiron 1501 AMD Turion 64 x2 TL-60 2.00GHz with 2Gb Ram


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