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Residential Nov. 14, 2008 Woodburn, IN
Author:  Kurt Begue
Team Members Present:
Sarah Neher, Megan Price, and Kurt Begue
Weather Conditions:
9pm temperature 48 degrees F, dew point 47 degrees F, barametric pressure stable at 29.65, wind speed 1-2 mph with swirling winds. At the end of the investigation the conditions were: temperature 44 degrees F, dew point 42 degrees F, barometric pressure remaining stable at 29.63, winds swirling at 1-2 mph.
We entered the residence at about 8:45pm and met with the owner. We setup the command station in the lower level basement. The initial inspection of the house included sweeps by our sensitive and EMF sweeps by the three remaining team members. Throughout the house, EMF levels were mainly low. In the basement, a radiant heater was emitting over 200 mG (milliGauss) and was turned off for the evenings investigation. The kitchen was our main source of EMF. The refrigerator when running emitted over 5 mG, can opener over 5 mG and microwave (not in use) 3 mG. The living room provided no readings over 0.5 mG. Upstairs the three rooms and bathroom were swept. Only the computer room had a 1 mG ambient reading with the computer in standby mode. In addition, our sensitive reported no findings of feelings of presence.

The investigation was started in the basement with all team members and the owner present. An EVP session was conducted. The room was about 25 feet in length and we positioned EMF meters on either end of the room and one near the center with a small inflatable ball. During the EVP session, we asked for any presence to move the ball. A stationary night vision camcorder was pointed at the ball and up the steps, where shadows had been reported to pass by the owner. There were no personal experiences reported.

We then moved into the kitchen. Again EMF meters were placed around the area and another camcorder was placed on the kitchen table pointing into the kitchen. The 2nd EVP session was conducted. During the final part of the EVP session, we started to get abnormally high EMF readings of over 4 mG. In areas the readings were well over 10 mG. We chased the EMF patterns around the room which lead us to even higher concentrations in the living room. Where there had been less than 0.5 mG ambient was not achieving levels that in the middle of the room at 4 foot off the floor, was yielding 10 mG readings. As we got higher in the room, even higher readings were prevalent. In an area near the doorway entrance, readings of nearly 200 mG were detected. The whole ground level of the house basically lit up in a huge EMF spike. During this time, all present noticed that as soon as the high EMF readings began, the two dogs that were locked into the garage started to go wild and try to enter the house. They were scratching and hitting the door trying to force it open. In addition, they were audibly displaying signs of fear and stress. We had previously observed their standard sounds when we did our walk-through, and never did they sound like this.

After 10 minutes of chasing the EMF signatures, Jason and Sarah went upstairs to confirm readings. They went up and found no increased levels. At the same time, moments after their departure, the EMF readings dropped back to our baseline ambient readings. At this point, the whole team was ready for a break and we proceeded outside for some cool air. Several team members and the owner reported feeling that they room had become warm and they needed some fresh air.

Upon re-entering the house, we found that EMF levels were still low and at the initial sweep baseline. We then conducted the 3rd EVP analysis in the living room. In addition, we also performed a modified EVP session including the use of a Frank's Box. No personal experiences were reported.

We then decided to call an end to the evenings investigation. We packed up our belongings, said our thank you's to the client and proceeded back home without incident.
Equipment Used:
  • Sony TRV-480 Digital 8 camcorder
  • Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS-311M
  • Canon 5.0 Megapixel Powershot A95 digital camera
Preliminary Conclusions:
While we are still in the process of reviewing all data, certain conclusions to the investigation can be drawn. The largest occurrence of the evening was the unexplained EMF spike that lasted about 10 minutes and mainly centered itself in the main level kitchen and living room.

When we first entered the house and arbitrarily established command post in the lower level basement, there was an electric heater we turned off because it was loud and emitted EMF of nearly 200 mG (milliGauss). So we conducted the investigation. During the investigation in the kitchen, the whole 1st floor (not the basement, not the upstairs) lit up with EMF activity. We were easily reading from 4 - 20 mG in open ambient environment and as we got closer to ceilings we read more. We have video evidence of this. And then for no reason it all stopped.

In rethinking the evening, it was remember that Jason had said, "yes we got these readings and we know it wasn't the furnace because it never kicked on, we would have heard it". Later Sarah asked the home owner, "do you have baseboard heating?" The home owner responded, "no", which was a correct answer (sort of). And our last proof before disclosing our debunk is that, after the crazy chase of EMF readings several of us felt warmer (we thought it was because of the chase at the time). the home owner specifically commented later, "Yes, when all that went down I felt really warm".

So here is the debunk for all this activity. In older construction houses, the builders used Radiant Ceiling Heat to heat the house. It consists of a filament embedded between two layers of drywall and electricity is passed through it to create heat. These filaments also give off massive amounts of EMF when energized.

Jason, was right, we never heard the furnace kick on, because there is no furnace. Sarah was on the right track with her baseboard heating theory. And lastly the home owner was correct, she did get hotter, because the heat was on! Most likely the reason we did not notice this earlier was because that heater in the basement was kicking out enough heat to warm the whole house. But we shut it off and then the other heating source tried to compensate.

Also compelling, is the fact that with this house kicking out so much EMF during it's heating cycles, it is very probable that there truly exists a true Fear Cage inside this home. Imagine especially in the dry months of winter, lots of static electricity already in the air, and then having this system kick on which was generating between 50 - 200 mG readings. With the body absorbing this much EMF, it is very likely that from time to time you would get the same feeling as being watched or that some presence was there.

This effect was prominently noted by the reaction of the dogs at this time. We do believe that we did establish a true link between animals being able to detect abnormally high EMF readings. Again, the dogs were going crazy while the readings were very high, and as soon as the readings returned to zero, they were quiet. In addition, Jason commented, "right after the reading dropped to zero, Kurt and I were holding a conversation right outside the door and they didn't even emit a whine". "Before they were ready to break that door down and get in". So we think they were affected and feeling those high EMF levels.


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