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INPR Investigation

INPR was invited by Erie Paranormal Research Society to participate in their investigation of the Hotel Rieger in Sandusky, Ohio. One of our team members, Megan Price, was able to work it into her schedule. She made the three hour journey to Sandusky and arrived around 6:30PM.

Case# Type Date Location


Hotel Oct. 25, 2008 Sandusky, OH
Author:  INPR-Lead Investigator
Team Members Present:
Megan Price from INPR. TJ, and Jen from Erie Paranormal.
Background History:
The Hotel Rieger was originally built, as its name suggests, as a hotel in 1912 with 60 rooms. It was later expanded to 5 floors housing 120 rooms and several retail spaces on the ground floor. In 1964 the Rieger was sold and renamed Erie Inn Motor Hotel. In 1969 the 5th floor was turned into a nursing home called Erie Care Center. By 1982 the entire hotel was transformed into the Sandusky Nursing Home which lasted until 1988 when the state forced the closure of the nursing facility. In 1992, the old hotel took on another transformation into the Sanduskian Bed and Breakfast. In 1996, due to financial reasons the Sanduskian was closed. There have been several attempts since 1996 to breathe life into the old building, most recently the city of Sandusky has entered into an agreement to purchase the building and restore it to its glory days.
A lot of the reported activity centers around the 5th floor. Everything from shadows to disembodied voices are reported. The ghost of small child is also rumored to haunt the old hotel. Apparently the 3rd floor was a children's wing. You can still see evidence of it today by the Disney characters adorning the hallways.
We covered all 5 floors of the hotel and the basement area. At one point during an EVP session footsteps were heard in the doorway to a room we were in. No one else was on the floor at that time. We also captured an interesting "orb event" on a remote DVR camera. The orb seems to streak down the hallway toward the camera and just as it reaches our camera some kind of electrical interference causes the camera picture to warp. Much of the EMF spikes we received during the investigation were caused by electrical wiring in the building. We are still reviewing evidence at this time and I will post updates to this report if anything noteworthy is discovered.
Equipment Used:
  • K2 EMF Meter
  • Digital EMF Meter
  • Digital Cameras
  • DVR System with (2) remote IR cameras
  • Digital Audio Recorders
  • IR Thermometers
Case closed pending owners permission to allow us to investigate again. City of Sandusky, OH not on board and do not want us in there.


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