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Residential Aug. 8, 2008 Undisclosed
Author:  Kurt Begue
The homeowner has claimed to have experienced shadows walking through the home at all hours of the day. Lights and other appliances would mysteriously turn on and off for no apparent reason. Pots and pans in the kitchen would be clanking. The smell of a brand of cologne that was known to be worn by a deceased member of the family had been detected many times. The pets would seemingly stare at something that was undetectable by any person in the house. Extended family had witnessed these occurrences, as well as the father, who is skeptical of hauntings and other paranormal activities.
Background history:
Historical research revealed that an elderly lady had passed away in the home a few short years before the current family moved in. The homeowner’s mother was quoted as saying that "she will see their new home before she died," only to pass away a few days before being able to share the family’s biggest accomplishment of moving into their dream home. The homeowner’s brother-in-law had passed away. When he was still alive, he would jokingly tell them he would come back and haunt them in the event he would pass away (this is where the scent of a man’s cologne comes in).
Geographical significance:
We arrived at the residence at 10:15 p.m. and met with the homeowner. We did lights out at 11:00 p.m. and started the investigation. We broke off into three groups and exhausted the home using all of the equipment we had available. After conducting EVP sessions, ball experiments, taking numerous photos, and running a large amount of video, we captured absolutely nothing. The home felt very good and we had no indication of a haunting whatsoever. We were able to debunk a few of the claims of activity while we were there.
We have yet to decide whether or not to continue investigations at this particular location. Case status remains unknown. We are still in contact with the homeowner and are keeping up to date on any recent incidents. Fortunately, we feel that we have helped settle the suspicion of paranormal activity in the home.


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