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Residential July 3, 2008 Undisclosed
Author:  INPR-Lead Investigator
Family experiencing unexplained noises, doors that seem to open and close at will, a mysterious odor of rotting meat emanating from the bedroom of 13 y/o daughter, and is having problems coping with the presence of something that she cannot explain. The daughter refuses to sleep in her own bedroom, and currently sleeps on the couch just outside of her parents room, and has been for a year and a half. She has experienced panic attacks, loss of sleep, and has been admitted to the hospital due to these strange occurrences. I have met with the homeowners, and at first glance the daughter appears to be a typical teenage girl. She does not seem to suffer from depression and does not have a parental dependency. She is very talented at art, and plays several instruments, and is involved in various school functions as well. She plays several instruments such as, bass and lead guitar. The father, although claiming to be a non believer in Ghosts and Spirits, cannot deny that recently some strange things that even he cannot explain have been happening in their home. A couple weeks ago, even he witnessed the front door to their home had opened very wide then slammed shut in broad daylight. Even this was not all of the occurrences. It got so bad that the homeowner kept a journal, documenting everything that was going on and when it happened.
Background History:
Previous owner was a prominent business man in the concrete trade and had lived alone in the home. The 36 year old man fell hard into drugs, depression, and eventually allowed the bank to foreclose on the home. Nearby neighbors claimed there is an obscene amount of dogs buried in the front yard of the home, which appears to be marked with some kind of stone. The house was built in 1955.
Geographical Significance:
The home is on a slope and a simple check revealed that the home is in an area where several Miami Indian villages stood at one time. It is believed that there may be some burial grounds in the area in question.
We entered the home at approximately 9pm. During the initial walkthrough of the home, many team members felt something peculiar about the original section of the house. There is a feeling emanating from the closet area of the daughter's room. Lights out at 10pm, One team member and Jason started in the area in question. While questioning, and attempting to make contact with whatever presence was there, a series of events unfolded while Jason was conducting an EVP session. At on particular time he asked if it could move something or make some type of noise to prove a presence. At that time we heard a crash that turned out to be a camera on a tripod that had fallen to the ground in the adjacent room. Upon initial inspection it appeared, that the legs of the tri pod were bent straight up in the air and the camera was lying on the ground. While reviewing EVP evidence we caught a mysterious whisper like voice that was captured while Jason and another team member were speaking in a normal tone. The voice was so close to the digital recorder that it practically drowned out Jason's voice as he was telling the other team member that the camera had fallen over. This all seemed to occur at the exact time the camcorder fell over. This experience was also accompanied by a very high EMF spike and a feeling that something walked between the two of them. Again, this could all be a coincidence, although unlikely. As the other members of the group cycled through the room during the investigation, several other investigators felt a presence in the room as well. Jason and another team member did some investigating around the outside of the home and surrounding property but were unable to find anything of significance. We ended the evening with a cleansing of the home and a group intervention with whatever was in the house at the time. The homeowner was the center of this intervention, Telling whatever was there that they were no longer welcome in the home by the family, to leave the daughter alone, and not to bother the family any longer. We proceeded to end the session with the prayer of St. Michael The Arch Angel.
Equipment Used:
  • (1) Sony digital 8 camcorder with Nightshot
  • Laptop with white noise generator
  • K2 meter
  • Ghost meter / EMF meter
  • Sony Hybrid camcorder with night shot plus
  • (3) Olympus digital voice recorders
  • (2) infrared temperature devices
We spoke with the homeowners several days later. She was happy to report the house felt much better, and less dreadful. The daughter was actually quoted saying "the home was no longer loud". A few days later it was reported that this feeling started to overwhelm the occupants once again. We then advised them to get a priest involved to bless the home. As far as whether or not this residence is haunted, we have not yet concluded, and have chosen to keep the case open for now pending a request for a smaller scale, more core investigation.
Update on this case:
We have been in contact with the homeowners since our investigation in July of 2008. Since then we have learned that some much needed renovation has been done to the home and the daughter is now sleeping in her bedroom but is still having bad feelings about the original portion of the home. The focus seems to have shifted toward the mother who has been having a lot of experiences lately. Mostly a heavy dreadful feeling but she is still scared about the fact the fact that whatever remains in the home feels like it is very negative and they have requested to have another investigation. The Husband has also said that he has heard the sounds of a woman sobbing in the home during the day while alone at the home. There have been many physical occurrences in the home that nobody can seem to explain so we are going back and happy to do so. This investigation is tentatively scheduled for late August early September. We will keep you posted on the details.

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