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Preparing Environments for Paranormal Activity
by: Kurt Begue, INPR Team Engineer
Written: Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In order to allow for you all to see a sneak peak of the rough draft version of "Preparing Environments for Paranormal Activity", I have decided to post the first part of the article. It is still a work in progress, so please be gentle.

In the first two parts of this series on Paranormal Research, we have delved into the understanding of how ghosts, spirits and intelligent consciousness' exist in our space-time reality. Event Impressionism deals with the residual memory of a person or event in a specific location. This type of entity tends to repeat the same actions over and over, diminishing with time. The second type, Portal Advancement, is when an entity is able to consciously appear in any given time or location. Various energies such as environmental aspects and even personal aura are the energy means by which this advancement is possible. These two key advancements in Paranormal Research are but a few of the exciting breakthroughs that In Nomine Paranormal Research has been able to conclude thus far.

In the coming months, INPR has an unprecedented line up of experiments relating to Environmental Aspects and how these relate to paranormal experiences. Ambient weather conditions such as: temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction are all variables in the analysis. In addition, we are also studying the variables of cosmic radiation, solar winds and X-rays to determine if they are in fact the sources of energy that manifesting entities use to enter our reality and communicate. We look forward to bringing you the analysis and conclusion of these experiments, so stay tuned!

Be warned that the following paper is intended as a resource for trained paranormal teams and individuals who have experience in dealing with spirits, ghosts, specters and other alien consciousness. Please take all the necessary precautions prior to altering any environment. Knowledge of electronics, ionization and magnetic fields are required to manipulate environmental conditions. These techniques are highly experimental and can lead to serious physical and psychological injury. Never attempt these experiments alone or without proper adult supervision. Also, in times of demonic activity, it would be well advised to have a trained Priest present. With that said, always use your best judgment and common sense.

In preparation for preparing an environment, one would naturally ask the question, "why would we want to prepare an environment for paranormal activity?". That answer is simple, if people have witnessed what appears to be paranormal events in a location, then we should exploit this knowledge of location and try to make observations as easy as possible. We call this a 'target-rich' environment. Knowing that the location has the potential for paranormal activity makes it an ideal location to experiment. Because we have already established the possibility of impressionism or portal advancement, our goal is to supply additional energy, in various forms, in order to allow a spirit or consciousness to manifest.

There are two ways to induce addition energy into an environment: passive and active. The passive approach is the simplest, yet requires patience and tends to be irregular in its dependability. Using naturally occurring environmental energy adders such as: lightening, solar storms, and gamma bursts, the observer must simply wait for the proper timing to witness an event. Most personal experiences come from this manner of observation. By simply being at the right place at the right time, many ghost hunters have been rewarded with experiences that are unmistakable and worthy of a life-time of remembrance.

The active approach requires knowledge, experience and money. Ionization, Static Electricity, dehumidification and the addition of warmth are all variables that can positively assist entities in manifesting themselves. In addition, other non-environmental techniques such as: conscious thought, sťance or Ouija board can also be deployed. Before going into the details of the active approach, let us first review the foundation of logic that accompanies all paranormal research.

In this particular area of paranormal research (environmental conditions), the production of true forensic data is the main output that we strive for. In order to bring this data to light, we must tediously document all environmental factors that exist during an investigation. The reason for this, is to draw a correlation between changes in the environment and the occurrence of personal experiences witnessed by the team.  Using the Scientific Method in a Paranormal Investigation (hyperlink Title to article), we are carefully documenting all conditions that are present during the investigation.

In our research, the most common element that we look for in finding and documenting ghosts are electrical anomalies. The electrical anomalies take on various forms: cold spots, electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) spikes, and personal experiences. Cold spots are areas in which an entity draws heat energy from the environment to manifest. The absorption of the energy creates a localized drop in temperature in a small area, such as a room or even just a portion of the room. Cold spots can be easily felt and measured with appropriate thermometers.

EMF spikes are considered the exhaust or disruption of fields created when entities enter our reality. It is a by product of the manifesting process and is easily measured by EMF detectors. Typical EMF levels within a house should be nearly zero. Many electronic devices, especially those that use electric motors or transformers, create EMF fields. Refrigerators, microwaves and computers are all common household items that must be taken into consideration when doing an initial EMF sweep to document ambient occurring objects. If possible, disconnect these items during the investigation to rule out data contamination.

During a typical investigation, one of the first preliminary analytical test that we conduct is the sweep for resident EMF signals. All electrical and magnetic objects emit EMF. In a typical home, there are dozens of obvious objects that emit EMF; computers, refrigerators, microwaves, radiant electric heaters; as well as not so obvious ones. In the November of 2008 case, the In Nomine team witnessed one of our most exciting EMF chases and debunk finds the team has had to date. November 14, 2008 - Residential Investigation <-- (link to investigation)

A very similar phenomena was also experienced by the team during the March 20, 2009 investigation. During the initial meeting at the client residence, Kurt went to retrieve his laptop to collect some information and upon stepping outside the house noticed the massive whine of electrical transformers. Upon re-entering the house, he requested that Constantine do an EMF sweep with the EMF meter, the results were unlike anything we had ever seen. This house and others around it are completed engulfed in a massive EMF field. All throughout the house, EMF readings consistently varied from 2.0Mg to over 5.0Mg. With so much naturally occurring EMF in the environment, it is not difficult to understand that being able to use the EMF meters during the investigation would prove completely useless.

Personal experiences are the most definitive and simultaneously the most subjective. When an investigator sees or feels the presence of a spirit, it is usually an unmistakable occurrence. An observer can detect the presence of spirits in several ways, typically associated with the five human senses: hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling and tasting.

The most common experiences had by people when observing paranormal activity is hearing sounds. Hearing steps down the hallway, moans and growls from inside walls and even human voices are all evidence that we as paranormal investigators endeavor to capture. With the use of recording devices of various technology levels, we conduct EVP sessions in the hope of hearing communication by an entity. INPR has been very lucky to have several pieces of evidence that very clearly displays communication. From the capture of an entity saying the name "Sarah" (link to EVP), to a hauntingly disturbing "growl" (link to EVP), these are finds that we work and strive so hard to find.

Seeing a manifestation of an entity visually is the second most common method of personal experiences. Many clients have reported to us seeing shadows or movement out of the corner of their eyes. Very rarely do visual personal experiences happen in direct sight, why? Peripheral vision a wonderful carry-over tool from our early days as a human species. It was basically used a defense mechanism to allow us to detect predators and escape before an attack. For this reason, the eye is able to detect subtle movements more easily when not looking directly at an object.

Unfortunately, capturing these sights on photograph or video is extremely difficult. Digital cameras are our best tool, however they are so drastically limited. The most commonly sought after (and consequently also faked) images are trying to catch entity manifestation and consequent electrical disturbances called ectoplasm. What makes ectoplasm so difficult to capture in a photo or video is the fact that they light produced by such an event is usually very small. The flash of a digital camera will completely wipe out the evidence that is trying to be captured. This is where infrared lights come into play. On all the DVR cameras employed by INPR we use IR lighting. Because it does not affect the visual spectrum of light it is much easier to capture visual evidence. One of the most compelling captures INPR has recorded to date is the video, "When Orbs Attack". (link video) The highest level of photographic and video evidence can be obtained by the use of thermal imaging cameras. Converting heat energy signatures into visual information, it is much easier to determine shapes of manifesting entities and their location. If it wasn't for the cost associated with such instruments, every paranormal team would have several of these during all investigations.

Feeling takes on a couple of different perspectives in relation to personal experiences. In our EVP sessions, many times INPR investigators will request that a spirit that is present to make casual contact with the investigators. Here is an excerpt of an EVP session conducted by Kurt Begue in which Valerie Bontempo had a physical personal experience. Again, for the person who is experiencing these acts, they are very real and conclusive, but because this proof cannot be measured or quantified, we can only accept circumstantial evidence. Besides physical contact, spirits have been known to create feelings of physical sickness and of being watched. Most people are oblivious to these feelings, but trained and specially gifted individuals can experience these feelings more readily. INPR is lucky to have several individuals on our team who are much more in tune with these feelings. Because of these sensatives, we are able to locate the presence of spirits in specific areas of a house or building and focus our efforts of communication and observation in those hot spots.


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