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Portal Advancement Within the Space-Time Continuum
The second in a series of three INPR reports, by Kurt Begue - INPR Engineer, detailing the 
predominate theories behind the manifestation of entities in our space-time continuum.
Written: Sunday, January 4, 2009

In the first report, we explored the scenarios concerning death and how the spirit or souls of humans, animals and all living things, creates an imprint into time. These impressions become deeper and more pronounced with tragic events. Murders, suicides and wrongful deaths are all candidates for lasting impressions, and can lead massive amounts of spiritual energy being released into the environment. When an event of such magnitude occurs, it impressions with such profound impact into the fabric of the space-time reality, that the echoes of such an event can be experienced for many years into the future. These echoes are what we as paranormal investigators seek to find and quantify to advance the science of paranormal research.

While impressions are one way that spirits can exist in our reality, the second deals with Portal Advancement. What is Portal Advancement? This theory concludes that some external consciousness have the distinct ability to move or shift from their relative reality state to one that coincides in some part with our own. A consciousness is a grouping of thoughts and desires, which is capable of making decisions regarding its own wants, needs, and desires. So a consciousness can have feelings: happiness, playfulness, hatred, desires, and in having feelings they can make the decision to influence others. For the purpose of this report, any consciousness that is able to advance in whole or in part into our reality, we will call by the name of spirit. This makes an easy distinction between what exists in other realities and when something is able to shift into our own reality.

When the physical body of a living being dies, the spirit or soul of that entity leaves the body. From this point there are basically two viewpoints, the atheist and the religious. From a scientific perspective, the atheist view is much easier to explain and quantify. The body dies and the soul dies or ceases to exist. This is a very clean, practical way of dealing with a hyper-complex problem. And if this were the definitive final answer, then there really would not be any reason for the study of the after-life and paranormal phenomena.
However, since our teams goal is to advance the knowledge of what lies beyond death, it is necessary to follow the path most widely subscribed by religion. When the physical body dies, the spirit ascends to another plane of consciousness. Where and what these other planes are, poses the fundamental question to all paranormal investigators. If the spirits are there, how can we reach or communicate with them, or where do they exist. Quantum physical reality lays the groundwork for the Portal Advancement Theory.

Energy, in its many forms, is abundant throughout the universe. Cosmic radiations, solar winds, magnetic occurrences all have their own distinct characteristics and measurements. With the addition of an energy state consciousness present in the universe, this provides a target rich environment for all the conditions present to align and make it possible for advancement from one reality into another. We conclude that a number of paranormal occurrences are directly linked from a consciousness that wants to communicate, to also having the correct environmental conditions to exist for that communication.

The energy needed for a consciousness to advance from one reality to another is thought to be large in value or difficult to focus. The conditions required to make such a quantum leap are not prevalent on a normal basis. We know this from the fact that if they were, everyone would be having experiences on a daily basis and our view of reality would be drastically different. Imagine a world where everyone was able to see and communicate with his or her deceased relatives. This would be an incredibly valuable way to pass on additional information from generation to generation. But at the same time, if you think of the information overload that we all suffer from today, think of what having your dead mother-in-law constantly preaching to you the virtues of her perspective.

The degree to which a consciousness is capable of performing this shift, depends upon the amount of energy and focus it can generate. Some researchers also deem that a spirits ability to advance, is directly tied to its will-power and urgency to relay its message. In many instances, we have found that spirits are most active when they have a purpose. Very few existences occur for no reason at all. We are all aware of ghost stories that depict a gruesome death or loss of life. In every country of the world, in every state, in every city, there are stories that all carry a similar theme. A young couple that was killed in an auto accident haunts the curve in the road. A male teen that was killed on the railroad tracks can be seen in the right conditions as the train passes by. The old lady, who was a witch, was murdered in her house and now haunts it. These stories and others similar form the foundation of some great paranormal cases. In the majority of cases, the spirits have a distinct message or un-finished business to try to complete in this world. For this reason, it is believed that most paranormal phenomena is linked to a spirit who is actively trying to communicate with someone in our space-time reality.

In trying to find some type of explanation as to why, or how, portals are created and make advancement of spirits possible, we can look at the probable theories behind the energies available to create portals. Here are some of the energies that can be used by spirits to create portals:

1. The spirit creates it's own energy and focuses the energy
2. People in our own space-time reality emit energy that can be harnessed and used by spirits to manifest
3. Thoughts and remembrances of stories or people can perpetuate and supply energy to allow advancement
4. Environmental conditions that supply correct conditions for portal advancement

The first theory is that a consciousness generates its own energy to advance. How a spirit does this is of great question in the paranormal community. Where does it draw the energy from? What energy type and amount is required to create and sustain a portal? All these questions are still unanswered and unknown. What is known is that a consciousness actively decides to advance into our reality for the means of communication, and when it does, there are several changes in our environment that can be detected and measured.

During paranormal investigations, is has been widely experienced and accepted that during manifestation of a spirit, several variables change in the environment. Cold spots are one of the easiest to detect and measure. During the formation of a portal, it is thought that energy being drawn out of the area creates a drop in localized temperature around the spot. Along with this drop in temperature, electro-magnetic readings called EMF, increase and can be detected. While these are the signs that a portal is being created and sustained, the true proof lies in capturing photographs or electronic voice phenomena (EVP) data to show that actual communication was trying to occur.

The next way energy is taken from our reality and used to create a portal for advancement, is through the use of personal aura energy. People that live in our space-time reality, emitting energy (personal aura) that can be used by spirits to manifest.

Many people throughout the world claim to be able to see and communicate with consciousness beyond our reality. This ability can be linked to their natural way of creating energy, which can then be used by spirits to create portals. In the INPR family of paranormal researchers and acquaintances, we have several individuals who have the ability to assist in the manifestation of spirits. For these individuals, the experiences that are had, are ones of fascination and positive communication.

Do we find it odd, that these special individuals commonly see many different forms or spirits? Not only do many possess the capability of seeing humans that have passed on, but different life forms. Unfortunately, most of the people that have this ability, have no control over what spirits and beings manifest themselves. This can be the cause of great distress and personal hardship. The degree, to which this hardship represents itself, is up to the person having these experiences. In paranormal research we have found a variety of people, who have this power, and yet react drastically different in their reactions to the events.

Recently at an INPR event, we had an acquaintance confide in us that since he can remember, he has had the ability to see and communicate with alien entities. These entities take on the form of various size bear-like animals with glowing eyes. Through the conversation it was learned that, only in the past few years has the activity disappeared. When asked if there have been any recent life changes that may have caused the disappearance of these aliens, he thought for a while and then said, "Yes". What followed was his explanation that distinctively corresponds to the personal aura energy theory. He stated that throughout his life, he had a very strong personal aura. One that was so profound, he commonly found people backing away from him, and even hating him for his unapproachable being. He defined his aura as, "a 10-foot sphere that blockaded him and made anyone who entered this area feel uncomfortable". The same energy force that made people feel uncomfortable around him, is undoubtedly the same type of personal aura energy required to create and sustain portals for communication. He further explained that three years ago, several life changing events occurred, that made this personal aura change. He felt much differently about the world in general and people were not so afraid to approach him. At the same time, all the contact and communication with the alien entities ceased.

However, there can also be a dark side to these experiences. In some cases, spirits with less altruistic motives than communication advance. And when doing so, negative consequences of the most dire repercussions result. Portals are open channels for advancement that can be used by any consciousness to advance in our space-time reality. With the variety of entities: humans, aliens, good, bad, playful, and/or hurtful beings, what comes through the portal is not always known, but the results can be seen very easily. For instance, many paranormal teams have produced documented proof of communication. The photographs or EVP's either show the spirit or record its voice.

These spirits generally take on a benign nature and cause no harm to the individuals experiencing the phenomena. But in the worse documented cases, such as the possession of Emily Rose or one of the most recent the possession of Julia a woman who had involvement with satanic groups, very dire consequences can be had for the person on our end of the portal.

In addition to spirit generated energy and personal aura energy, Perpetuating Memories can supply the energy required. This type of energy can work not only for Portal Advancement, but the Impressionism in the Space-Time Continuum. Perpetuating memories can act as a way of giving energy to a spirit to allow it to manifest. As we discussed in the earlier article on Impressioning, events are over-written in the fabric of space-time, and the event diminishes in relevance and amplitude over time. Thinking about the memory has a way of reinvigorating the event, by uncovering or amplifying it. Think of this in two ways, either an object that is buried into the ground. Every time a person or group thinks about a person or event, the spirit can use the energy released. Just like taking the earth from above the buried object, the event becomes more visible or pronounced. In amplification terms, we are taking the small and nearly unobservable signal and giving it energy, so that the event or spirit can be louder and detected.

The best example that we currently have of this Perpetuation Memory model is the INPR case, the Legend of the Waynedale Witch. This is an ongoing investigation that has fascinated and baffled our team. The initial precept of this investigation was very simple, do a routine investigation regarding a local legend and de-bunk the myths surrounding the legend. This is a standard staple of paranormal research and we all thought very little other than the de-bunking would come out of the investigation.

However, after reviewing our data and conclusions, we found information that led us deeper and deeper into the mysteries of the death of Helen Fishman. Why has this information not been detected before? Why had the dozens of other police investigators, paranormal groups and other individuals who had studied the case not put together all the facts that we found? The question can only be answered by the fact that we were listening, and someone is leading us in the proper direction of investigation.

In our INPR group, we have all commented, time and time again, as to how our investigations and information that we are collecting, is tying into finally giving us the answers to questions that had long ago been abandoned. We are thinking about her, and this remembrance is helping her give us clues and direction towards solving the mystery that surrounds her death.

Think of the many paranormal occurrences, sometime called Urban Legends or Ghost Stories that routinely reoccur. One thing that they have in common, is that many people have thought about the event or spirit. And in doing so, they perpetuate the current relevance of the entity. It is the continued input of energy through thought or remembrance, that this impression or portal sustains. Without this energy the impression diminishes or the portal closes and is no longer detectable or capable of communication.

The last source of energy for portals to be created and sustained is environmental conditions. Heat, humidity, radiation, solar winds and magnetism all play a part in the creation of portals, to what degree is still being quantified. INPR has and is currently dedicating massive amount of resources to understand the effects and quantify them. It is a standard practice, in an INPR investigation, that whenever a person has a personal experience, that they radio into the command center and report the time and any anomalous environmental conditions. At that time, the command center logs the recordings of the environmental patterns that are local to the area. Temperature, wind speed and direction, relative humidity and barometric pressure are several of the variables that are logged. Then during our data analysis, we try to correlate paranormal personal experiences with change in environmental conditions.

To date, the most interesting images that have been captured by INPR is during the Hotel Rieger investigation on October 28, 2008. During this joint investigation with Erie Paranormal Research, recorded evidence was recovered that showed two distinct occurrences that are still being review by the rest of the paranormal community. The first documentation occurred with a normal snapshot picture down a hallway. In reviewing the photo, there is an interesting human form shape that occurs and appears to have their arm extended as if throwing something.

Later on in the evening, the DVR system was setup and recording footage, when some startling events occurred. On the left side of the hallway, about half of the way down, out of a doorway steps a shadowy figure, and out of no where appears an orb that heads directly at the DVR infrared camera. As the orb intersects the camera, there is electrical interference with the picture for a split second and then the picture returns to normal.

The conditions within the Hotel Rieger are what could have promoted this paranormal anomaly. Weather conditions were documented as: light precipitation earlier in the day. TEMP High: 48 Low: 41. Wind: 8 to 20 mph. A full description of the environmental conditions that existed during this experience can be viewed at:

The full weather conditions documented later were: Time: 20:40:55 - 20:41:02 EDST, Temperature: 46.0 F, Dew Point: 39.9 F, Relative Humidity: 79%, Barometric Pressure: 30.27 inches of mercury and steady. Do any of these weather conditions play a role in the events that were captured during this investigation? We are still in the research phase of this area of paranormal research and as more data and conclusions lead us towards answers, we plan on sharing it with you.

This is the second report in a series of three written by INPR investigator Kurt Begue. The first entitled: Event Impressions on the Space-Time Continuum was published Wednesday, November 12, 2008. The third and final report entitled: Preparing Environments for Paranormal Activity is scheduled to be published in December of 2009.


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