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Paranormacon 2010
Written by Kurt Begue

On Saturday, September 11, 2010, In Nomine Paranormal Research hosted their annual paranormal conference, Paranormacon 2010 in the historic downtown Fort Wayne Masonic Temple.

This year’s theme was centered around the grass-roots paranormal teams that are making a big impact on the paranormal community. While the community is still showcased around the big name TV shows: Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State and Ghost Adventures, the true research, break-throughs and proof is coming from the small name local ghost hunters.

In the past year since Paranormacon 2009, we have watched these teams really push the envelope of paranormal research. They are employing more sophisticated equipment and better scientific investigation techniques to bring proof to the general public. And for these reasons, Paranormacon 2010 was dedicated to making these teams the Paranormal Super Stars.

This year’s event was a huge success on several different levels. 

We were very thankful for the help and support that we received from the teams and vendors. They are really the ones that made the conference a success. Being able to spend time with these teams and individuals truly was a treat. Talking about advancements in the field, new equipment and investigation techniques as well as showcasing the evidence that has been collected was a delight.

We would like to thank the following teams and vendors for their participation and continued support of Paranormacon 2010…

Mainly because of their help and support, In Nomine Paranormal Research was able to donate $1,000.00 to the Masonic Temple Preservation Fund. In addition, the refreshments that were sold in the kitchen during the conference, created a good fund-raising effort for the Order of the Easter Star chapter that resides within the Temple. As a special note: Jason Schlemmer of WPIRG made a $30.00 donation to the fund and Brian Harshman of IROP donated custom picture art that was auctioned off for $30.00 which was also donated to the Temple Preservation Fund. Special thanks to both Jason and Brian for their support.

The evidence that was showcased by the teams this year really surpassed anything that had been seen in the general public. The teams came this year loaded with all their best evidence and it was very easy for the general public attendees to get a feel and appreciation for what true paranormal anomalies are taking place.

Like last year the presentations were absolutely one of the high-points of the conference. The entire day was filled with the best hand selected speakers who are experts in their discipline of Paranormal Research. The audience was astounded by the amount of information and research that each of the presenting authors brought to speak about.

As day turned to night, you could actually feel the excitement and energy start to rise and our guests were looking forward to attending the live ghost hunt and search for paranormal activity. And as in previous years, the Masonic Temple did not let us down.

Nearly every guest either had or witnessed first hand some type of paranormal anomaly. Several electronic voice phenomena’s were collected, pictures of apparitions and other unexplained events, personal experiences and not only was the famous Shadow Man seen in the halls, but in a particular portion of the building, and entire group of shadow people were seen forming a ceremonial processional. These types of experiences are very rare and limited to a small number of truly portal based locations.

Paranormacon 2011 is already on the calendar and preparations are being made. Please mark on your calendars, Saturday, November 5th, 2011 again and the historic downtown Masonic Temple, Paranormacon 2011.

P2011 will have a slightly different format than in previous years. The Friday night ghost hunt will be replaced by a Costume Party, which should really allow the guests and researchers to let their hair down, or put it up, and have a great time meeting and sharing experiences with one another.

The presentation schedule will again be loaded with the best presenters who are striving to bring you the best new and exciting proof of paranormal existence from the field. Paranormacon 2011 is going to be an event that you are not going to want to miss!

Again, In Nomine Paranormal Research would like to thank all of the attendees who came and had such a great time. Without your participation and support, events like this cannot sustain themselves. We look forward to seeing you all on November 5th for Paranormacon 2011.

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