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INPR 2012
Written by Jessica Soard

2012 brought INPR continued growth and increased wisdom.

We had the privilege of welcoming several new team members: Kelly Payne, Chrissy Sullivan and Eddie Parks. Each of them has brought some amazing and unique talents that continue to strengthen INPR's ongoing commitment to success in the field of Paranormal Research!

As we have done in years past, we were able to continue to assist families in need; and bring some real answers for our private clients who reached out to us. This is a strong commitment for INPR; and we will continue to carry this into the future. This year, INPR was able to continue it's work of bringing assistance to individuals and families encountering the paranormal by completing 3 private investigations.

Our ongoing investigation into the historic Fort Wayne Masonic Temple continued this year with an investigation in March. INPR and our guests were able to experience some repeated paranormal events we have experienced there before, and some new paranormal phenomena occurring during our investigation; which promises us new learning and growth in this ongoing area of our group's interest.

For the second year in a row, INPR was honored with an invitation to the "6th Annual Paranormal Meet-and-Greet" at the beautiful Historic Hannah House, in Indianapolis, Indiana. We enjoyed networking with other Paranormal Research groups in the Midwest, and we were honored to serve as hosts for this much-needed event!

INPR was also able to further our ongoing research into Paranormal phenomena in non-residential environments during our investigation of the Crump Theatre in Columbus, Indiana.This year, we were able to experience some amazing events at the Crump Theatre. We also attended Paranormalfest 2012, which was held at the Crump; and we had some interesting evidence from the investigation after Paranormalfest. We returned later, to further investigate these interesting pieces of evidence, and during our second visit to the Crump, everyone had an amazing experience. Our whole team was assembled together for our final EVP session of the evening, and suddenly, we all began hearing an odd popping noise. It continued, and it was an unmistakable sound, which we all recognized right away as the sound of a popcorn machine popping. The Crump Theatre always has something interesting for us when we visit!

To further INPR's ongoing commitment to refining and improving our investigation process, we had a face-to-face team meeting during the summer. It was a very productive and informative weekend; and everyone present learned something new.

In 2011, INPR announced our "Proof 101" initiative. "Proof 101" is The challenge issued to all Paranormal Groups to not only find and document, but show the personal experiences that are being had in the field. Bring proof-positive evidence that is definitive and cannot be debunked.

We believe that we found some amazing "Proof 101" footage. This footage can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

2013 promises to bring some amazing things for INPR; including our continuing to seek and produce "Proof 101"-worthy evidence, as well as continuing to grow as a group and be of service to those who need us.




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