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INPR 2010
Written by Kurt Begue

For In Nomine Paranormal Research 2010 proved to be a bigger and better year than any of us could ever imagine.

We continued to improve our investigation processes and focus not only on the paranormal research aspect, but the helping of families in need. We truly embraced our Mission and Vision Statements as we made several difficult personnel decisions throughout the year, but in the end, we are a much stronger and better group of paranormal researchers for it.

During the year, we conducted nine (9) private investigations helping families better understand what was going on in their homes and businesses. In addition, INPR conducted three (3) public hunts, culminating in our Halloween Night Hunt at the Crump Theatre in Columbus, Indiana, which still has our researchers scratching their heads. What truly happened there that night still has us delving into our data and trying to piece together the timeline of events.

Paranormacon 2010, proved again to be another huge success for INPR. Twenty-three paranormal teams and vendors came to the conference and provided a wide variety of experiences and evidence to keep the conference-goers happy and entertained. In addition, the Saturday night Ghost Hunt was filled with personal experiences, had or witnessed by all. Proving once again that the Fort Wayne Masonic Temple is one of the most active locations in the state! From our endeavors, In Nomine was able to donate $1,000.00 to the Temple Preservation Fund.

INPR also attended several other conferences and made presentations at most of them. In February we attended the Paranormal Fest in Columbus, IN. May brought us to the State Theatre Conference sponsored by SMP in Kalamazoo, MI. And in September we attended GlassCon sponsored by Glass in Coldwater, MI.

In addition, one of our most exciting opportunities to present our evidence and be challenged by some of the most promising minds came in December when In Nomine Paranormal Research lectured on the Indiana University Kokomo campus to a Folk Lore class. The event was a tremendous chance to show examples of the paranormal activity that we have collected and discuss the science and theories behind paranormal occurrences. The evening left both the students and the members of INPR excited to learn more and push the research boundaries.

This year was spent upgrading a lot of equipment. We added a new four (4) camera Zmodo 500Gb DVR surveillance system. Outfitting this system with a variety of close proximity and far-reaching infrared cameras has allowed us to capture video evidence like never before. Add to that a couple of diffusion grid lasers and INPR continues to be one of the most heavily outfitted teams with paranormal equipment.

In December INPR selected our 2010 Ghost Hunter of the Year. This year a man has distinguished himself among the paranormal experts. His studies using the I-Ovilus have pushed forward the science of using that device as well as Ghost Hunting in general. His unwavering attention to details makes him the perfect teammate. With as many accolades as we can possibly shower upon him, this years Ghost Hunter of the Year 2010 goes to: Weldon Glenn!

This year INPR added several outstanding paranormal researchers that have truly cut their teeth in a most exciting and chaotic year. Jessica Martinez, Jennifer Stevens, Beverly Money and Jessica McComb have all been very welcome additions to our team. They have made immediate contributions in all areas of our research and are truly excellent people to work with.

Finally, for 2011, INPR is launching an initiative called Proof 101. It directly ties into the challenge issued by Kurt Begue to all paranormal teams and researchers at our Paranormacon 2010 conference. The challenge is not only find and document, but show the personal experiences that are being had in the field. Bring proof-positive evidence that is definitive and cannot be debunked.

Proof 101 is INPR's benchmark example of how investigations are supposed to be conducted and how true scientific evidence can be pulled out of data and correlated to paranormal activity. It originates out of the thought that other teams might go 100% towards bringing evidence forward, INPR goes one huge step farther towards proof, 101%!

While 2010 was a great year, we are really looking forward to the challenges and experiences of 2011. INPR continues on stronger than ever, moving forward in the quest to provide proof of the existence of paranormal anomalies. We are INPR!




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